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Thread: Eldar 2000pts

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    Eldar 2000pts

    Ok this is my army list, I am putting it onto the forums as one of three army lists I’m doing at the moment: Space marines, Tau and Eldar. They are all based at 2000 points but will be usable in 1500 or 1000 points with either a few dropped units or modifications. I will be doing Necrons at some point but rumours are there is a new codex on the way so I’ll wait for it, I am posting this note at the beginning of all three articles as a kind of “HELP ME!!!!” advertisement as any and all input is appreciated so I would be grateful for any help on any of the lists.
    Autarch 130
    with Jet bike, laser lance and mandiblasters

    5 Rangers 120
    with Pathfinders

    6 Dire avengers 104
    with Exarch, 2 shuriken catapults and blade storm

    6 Fire dragons 96

    5 Shining Spears 202
    with Exarch and star lance

    5 Dark Reapers 175

    Falcon 160

    with Star cannon, shuriken cannon and spirit stones

    6 Striking Scorpions 133
    with Exarch, biting blade and shadow strike

    5 Shining spears 202
    with Exarch and star lance

    Falcon 160
    with Star cannon, shuriken cannon and spirit stones

    Eldrad Ulthuan 210

    5 Warp spiders 152
    with Exarch, 2 death spinners, power blades and withdraw

    6 Howling banshees 128
    with Exarch, executioner, war shout and acrobatic

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    I would consider maxing out the Dire Avengers as they are more effective in large numbers, or you could even drop them completely and use Jetbikes as a troop choice. These would complement your army's speed element.

    I would also consider maxing out your Banshees and mounting them in a Wave Serpent. You probably don't want them footsloging the entire way to the enemy.

    Its also worth noting that a Falcon with Holo-fields and Spirit Stones makes an excellent fire magnet, and can be extremely hard to get rid of. I would add holo-fields to both Falcons, even if it ment downgrading the Starcannons.
    "What do Humans know of our pain? We have sung songs of lament since before your ancestors crawled on their bellies from the sea."
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