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    Suggestions for a Turny list

    I'm going to a tornament this eek end and would like some sujestions for a list to use. I don't think my casual list will work. I've listed what models i have and would like to know what you guys think.

    2000pts Turny list

    1 Hive Tyrant, Bone sword, lash whip, +on other weapon upgrade
    2 Tyrant Guard
    1 Brood Lord
    5 watrriors, sything talons, death spitters and a vennom cannon
    4 warrios, sything talons, rending claws
    3 warriors, w/2 sything talons
    1 lictor
    12 gene stealers no upgrades
    10 gene stealers w/extended carpace and sything talons
    15 termaguants
    16 hormaguants
    8 spineguants
    8 deathguants
    7 ripper bases
    1 ravener w/rending claws and a devower
    3 frag mines
    2 bio acid mines
    2 toxic mines
    3 zonathropes
    1 fex with 2 sything talons
    1 fex w/enhansed sences can be upgrades with any 2 shooting weapon

    I'm open to anything however this is all i have. Thanks in advance.

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    alright im gonna post alist that works well for me in 2000 pts and then ill try to give u advice using the models you have.
    Flying tyrant
    ES, wings, warpfield twin devourer, sacs

    VC and twin devourer
    flesh hooks
    toxic sacs
    2 tyrant guard
    flesh hooks and talons

    2 lictors

    11 hormos
    11 hormos
    10 spines
    3x 6 steelers carapace, hooks

    3x2 ravs

    3x1 sniper fexs
    VC and BS
    bonded exoskeleton and ES

    alright i would use a walking tyrant with guards and i prefer twin devorer, VC because it has alot of anti tank and troop killing ability also give him scream to reduce leadership. I used to own a brood lord and he either was a distraction and was killed first turn or was very slow and didnt make it to combat till the end. if you use him use the minimun amount of steelers but id prolly just go with out. I would try to take 2 squads of 3 warriors with deathspitters and VC for anti skimmers. Then i would take a squad of 6 with rending claws scything talons wings ext. If you do not include the brood lord take 3 squads of 7 steelers with carapace and hooks. Make all your termigaunts and deaths into spines alot cheaper and do the same thing and i would take two squads of 15, I would take the 16 hormos but run them behind the spines as long as you can. take the one rav with rend and scything. Give the 3 zoanthropes scream and give two warp blast and one synapse. I would also make both fexs sniper fexs with ES VC and BS and bonded exoskeleton because at 2000pt you will see alot of tanks especially gainst tau. not sure the exact points but should be close maybe alil over or under.also include the lictor if you have points always saves my ass.

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    Member Willance's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
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    Better Idea, can any one comment on my list if i wasn't to use it in a turnament.

    Hive Fleet Grendal (Splinter Fleet) for fun
    Hive Tyrant (132pts)
    -Bone Sword, Lashwhip, Vennom Cannon, Enhansed Sences, Toxic Sacs, Two body guards.
    Brood Lord (214pts)
    -six body guards
    Warriors (147pts)
    -Vennom Cannon, Deathspitters, Scything Talons, Enhansed Sences, 5 warriors.
    Warriors (231pts)
    -Scything Talons, Rending Claws, Extended carpace, Leaping, 7 warriors.
    Lictor (80pts)
    Genestealers (192pts)
    Hormoguants (160pts)
    Termaguants (120pts)
    -Fleshboar, Scuttlers.
    Deathguants (72pts)
    -Devourers, Scuttlers.
    Spineguants (56pts)
    -Spinefist, Scuttlers.
    Rippers (120pts)
    Ravener (40pts)
    -Rending Claws, Sything Talons.
    Zonathropes (195pts)
    -Warpblast, Toxic Misma, Warpfield.
    Carnifex (111pts)
    -Scything Talons, Scything Talons, Sything tail.
    Carnifex (128pts)
    -Vennom Cannon, Barbstrangler, Enhansed Scenses.

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    Member HiveJive's Avatar
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    (I am only making suggestions from the models you have shown on your list)

    I can only speak from a limited perspective (just a few games under my belt, but I am an avid LO reader so that should count for something, right? LOL) but here goes...

    The hive Tyrant is walking, so I like the guards with it. (I have used a walking tyrant and one guard would be enough.) It is great to have a venom Cannon so he can always be doing something. As for the Bone Sword/Lash Whip, What are your thoughts behind having them? I know that it is a free catalyst power, so that is nice, but what are your thoughts behind it? By viewing your list, I see you have a CC fex so my assumption is you may be keeping that fex in range of the Tyrant as they advance...

    I love the shooty warriors. (I use to have some and sold them on ebay. I got a bit impulsive and thought I would go with more of a CC army so I ditched them and wish I wouldn't have. ) They provide a nice firebase. Plus the template is a nice thing to have. It can help make up for a low number of shots.

    The warrior CC is nice. You get a good number of wounds and synapse to boot. The leaping is nice because it gets you there faster (which appears to be a theme with all your scuttlers). I would consider giving the squad flesh hooks. Good unit to rush cover.

    I personally don't like them, but with that being said I obviously don't know how to use them effectively either. LOL Good luck with it. I know that there are some people who swear by them. In an assaulty army like this, it definitely fits.

    Hormies: Great! I personally have shyed away from them but I have used them and seen them used as well very effectively. This looks like a great troop choice for this army.

    Termagaunts: I am not sure if I would have scuttlers on there. You can put the points in to some other stuff to help you out. There are enough to be a nuisance but I am not sure if the points justify what you could be getting elsewhere.

    These look like a nuisance unit that could get in range for some first round shooting. Decent number of shots with rerollable wounds. The strength might be a factor but hey, you get what you pay for and it might just take some fire off of something else...maybe.

    Big VANILLA brood! I love it!!! This will be great. Just to play around with it a bit...(looking off of what you have for models from your list) you could consider dropping the spinegaunts which will give you some points and drop scuttlers off of your termagaunts and then create two vanilla broods of eight. (I am not sure what your opponents/tourney rules will dictate in terms of some of the models having carapace and others not. Probably a modeling/painting fix could be allowed?) Two broods of eight 'stealers PLUS the Brood Lord and his retinue. Seems to be a nice fit. Maybe give the unit(s) flesh hooks if you have the points to spare.

    Spine Gaunts:
    I would drop them. They are too few in number to really be effective and probably won't draw much fire or do slow anything down. I think this is a unit that you need a lot of to be a true nuisance.

    Rippers look to be great for a assaulty army like yours. There is enough to really slow down a unit and keep it preoccupied. (I hope you get a chance to tie up a heavy weapons squad!)

    I have never used a Ravener but I have heard some good things about them and I have seen them used on one occassion. Seemed to work pretty well. (I am guessing since there is only one it will be supported by something else?)

    CC fex looks really great but looks can be deceiving. If this guy gets into CC then I truly believe (especially if he gets catalyst) that he will do some damage. Therein lies the issue. Will he get into CC? (I pray that you don't have to use Escalation because then the chances go way down...grrrr) Have you considered a Screamer-Killer? For two more points you will get an extra attack each and every turn in CC(bioplasma so they will get a chance for save). Might be more stable then Tail scythe, plus you will get an AG WS which could come in handy if there happens to be a true stud in the mix against you.

    Think your points are a bit off on your sniper-fex. Great unit though. If you have the extra points, you could consider doing some defensive upgrades to this guy. (Maybe drop one Tyrant guard. That will get you enough points for reinforced chitin AND either bonded exoskeleton or extended carapce. I think both have their merits so I couldn't recommend one over the other. The reinforced chitin is my first one though as it is cheapest and makes a HUGE difference.) He will be a target! I will almost guarantee it (of course if they spend too much time and focus on it, that means more of your assaulty troops have made it in. Mwahahaha)

    Zoanthropes are a nice unit and can be a great synapse resource. (I noticed you didn't put synapse on them but looks like you paid the points for it. Were you buying an extra power other then warp blast?) You might not need to take synapse on these guys (Tyrant + Brood Lord + 2 warriors Broods might be enough, especially since you don't have a whole lot of IB creatures with a low leadership) and instead consider either psychic scream or just leave the points off and do some upgrades elsewhere. (The points could be used to fix the error in the sniper-fex )

    I think my favorite part of your list is that you used up all your slots except for fast attack. Hmmmm... (if you only had gargoyle models...) Of course you could drop a spore mine cluster in and see what happens. Can make for a decent anti-armor move for a tough to reach place, but then again it can tend to be unreliable. This all depends on what you have leftover for points after your tweaking them around.

    Looks like a fun list and could provide for some headaches for some opponents...especially with all of those rending claw attacks...8X
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