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Thread: 1750 Balanced

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    1750 Balanced

    I am wondering if this would be a good tournament list. It seems balanced, but since I have never played in a tournament before, I am not sure how this would do theoretically. All feedback is appreciated.

    HQ 1 Tyrant (257)
    VC, TL-D, ES, Psy Scr, TS
    Tyrant Guard x 2

    HQ 2 Tyrant (245)
    VC, ST, TS, ES, Psy Scr
    Tyrant Guard x 2

    ELITE Warriors x 3 (81)
    RC, ST, TS

    TROOP 1 Devourer Gaunts x 15 (150)
    TS, Dev

    TROOP 2 Devourer Gaunts x 15 (150)
    TS, Dev

    TROOP 3 Devourer Gaunts x 15 (150)
    TS, Dev

    TROOP 4 Genestealer x 6 (144)
    ST, EC

    TROOP 5 Genestealer x 6 (144)
    ST, EC

    TROOP 6 Genestealer x 12 (240)

    HEAVY Carnifex (18
    VC, BS, ES, Reinforced Chitin, Ext Carapace

    Total 1749

    HQ = 28.7%
    ELITE = 4.6%
    TROOP = 56.0%
    HEAVY = 10.7%

    I am trying to figure out a balanced list with a good amount of shooting and still be able to play up on the CC goodness that the bugs are so famous for. I have witnessed the effectiveness of Devourer Gaunts and even though the T on the weapon is equivalent to a flashlight, the flashlight does not get 2 shots per gun AND get to reroll wounds. Plus I get a further distance then I would with a fleshborer. (Although I have considered taking out some of the Genestealers and adding Termagaunts as well...hmmmm) The Tyrants both have VCs as well as the Carnifex, so I have some anti-tank if needed. I figure I can pour out an excessive amount of shots early as I advance and soften things up for the Genestealers and Warriors. The Warriors are in the list on the off chance that a mission goes by escalation. There should be enough synapse to keep things moving smoothly. Since my Carnifex is my only real heavy "armor", I have him kitted out with two defensive upgrades.

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    Whilst this is stocked full of well built units, this is a slow list.

    No Flyrant, fast attack or fleeting gaunts (Dev gaunts are a nice variant, don't get me wrong) make this list a simple footslog across no-mans-land. I presume the stealers are not going to fleet ahead of the rest of the Hive.

    Whilst this will provide some fire power (you could get more) I don't beleive it will last too long against anyone that can output a reasonable number of S4 shots (think MEQ).

    I think you would get better mileage by adding some fast attack (a couple of Raveners could be squeezed in here I think by playing with the troop sections) or an infiltrating Broodlord and retinue. These would give your opponent some tougher decisions.
    Nothing to see here, please move along.
    Thank you.

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