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    new to Eldar but not 40k

    I had a bit of a spending spree yesterdy (well im my terms anyway.)

    I went into GW fixed intently on buying a combat patrol list for £100. I then looked through every codex until I found something which I thought would be the best.

    I chose Eldar.

    This also gives me the excuse to start a Mech Eldar list;Y (which i'm having problems with at the moment)

    My Combat Patrol list was:

    5 dire avengers - 60pts

    vyper with double shuriken cannons - 60pts

    2 d-cannon platforms - 100pts

    1 warwalker with double scatter lasers - 60pts

    2 warwalkers with double scatter lasers - 120pts

    I would have like to have given the walkers spirit stones but the above list is already dead on 400pts. the D-cannons are their to make my opponent think twice before rushing me while the rest of the army not surprisingly shoot the crap out of them.

    I'm considering getting 1000pts with 9 walkers (mwahahaha 72 S6 shots!)

    Anyway onto the mech Eldar(this was more to prove a point against a friend who thinks a slannesh lash army is the best in the game):

    2 farseers with guide - 150pts

    2 x 10 dire avengers with exarch with diresword and bladestorm, both with wave serpents with shuriken cannon, twin linked scatter laser and spirit stones. - 290 + 270 (flippin heck the transports cost nearly as much as the squad)

    falcon with brightlance, holofields and spirit stones - 190pts

    And that's where I got stuck basically, I'm not sure what else i'll need. I like the idea of guided bladestormin dire avengers (27 re-rolling shots;Y) and is thinking about adding fire prism and such but the eldar vehicle upgrades keep gettin at me. I feel that nearly all of them are a necessity but then you end up with a 200pt tank! Not good.

    Anyone find it funny that Cities of Death show the two worst combat armies in the game ... in combat!

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    Do Not give your Falcon a bright lance. You are going to move it everyturn so that you only get glancing shots. Therefore you will never use the bright lance.

    I would add some basic troops to protect your d cannons. A wraith lord would be nice too.
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