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    My 500 point ork army what do you think?

    I've started orks and have finaly thought of a army list for 500 points. This is it:
    Mega armour =100
    Mega boosta

    Killer Kanx2
    Grot riggersx2 =94

    Slugga Boyzx13 =141
    Big Shootasx3

    Slugga Boyzx13 =164
    Rockit Launcha
    Upgrade to Nobz
    Power cla

    My tatics for this is to use cover to advance towards the enemy(my Warboss goes into the squad of sluggas without the nodz). The Killer Kans will knock out any tanks and i have a power claw in each squad just in case a walker ploughs into me. I have choosen a rockit launcher in a squad with a burna so i have a weapon to fire at long range at vehicles and burner for getting up closs and munching them. The other squad is purly for killing infantry.
    What do you think post your replys and sugestions here on how it can be improved.0:

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    Hi, welcome to LO!

    Please take the time to read our forum rules and to browse our forum; your post is against our forum rules. First of all, individual points costs are not to be posted under any circumstances; unit totals are okay, individuals are not. I edited them out of your post for you. Second, LO has dedicated army list subforums for each main army; all army lists, in any form, should be posted there. I'll go ahead and move your list for you.

    Enjoy your stay here on LO!

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