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    New Codex Speed Freak-type army (friendly, 1500)

    Hey all, like a lot of people this new codex is prompting me to try out the orks. What I am really enamored with is the idea of a Mad Max style force. Pretty much all da boyz in vehicles, bikes, or at least rokkits strapped to 'em. The new bike models in particular really do it for me, so I really want to include some. I'm not looking for a tournement-level competitive list (from what I can tell bikes and some of my other choices are not optimal for that purpose, which is ok). I DO want it to be capable of winning its fair share in friendly games, though, because never winning isn't fun either.

    I'm still fairly new to 40k, having a small Eldar force I've worked up, and totally new to Orks, so I'm looking for as many ideas, suggestions, etc... as you'd give me! With that, here is what I am thinking of at the moment:




    3x: Trukk boyz. 12, 1 is nob+PK. Trukk w/ armor plates and red paint.

    Bike squad: 5 bikes, 1 is nob+PK (can be FA or Troops depending on how the final list shakes out)


    10 stormboyz, 1 is nob+PK

    Buggies: 3 spread across available FA slots, each with TL rokkits.


    10 burnas, 3 upped to Meks (with KMBs), 2 grot oilers.


    (burnas will go into this) Battlewagon with armor plates, red paint, 4x Big Shoota, Deff Rolla

    This is about 1400 points by my count. Feels like I want to add some lootas or another heavy vehicle, but I also like the looks of the deffcoptas. And lootas, as good as they happen to be, don't really seem to fit the concept. More bikes would be pretty fine with me too, but I don't know how much they would actually do for me.

    As I said, I am open to suggestions on changes I could make. Several caveats, though.

    1. I want to include the bike unit, and if not Wazzdakka, a warboss on bike.
    2. I'd like the conversion opportunity of using a battlewagon, especially using a looted vehicle.
    3. Burnas aren't mandatory but I really like them too.

    Thanks for reading.

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