Ive got a game coming up tomorrow, most likely playing a troop heavy chaos. I'm throwing in almost everything I've got, and i don't have the money or time to do major revisions. but any touch ups or small changes would be great. Or if u want tear the list to pieces, it'll give me something to work for after tomorrow.


Farseer W/ Guide, Fortune, SS



Harlequin Troupe (7) W/ Shadow seer all kisses

Wraithgaurd (6) W/ warlock, conceal

Fire Dragons (6) Exarch, Flamer, crack shot


Dire Avengers (10) Exarch PW/SS Blade Storm, Defend

Pathfinders (5)

Guardian jet bikes (6) 2 shuriken cannons

Guardians (12) Brightlance

Heavy Support

Falcon Scatterlaser Shuriken Cannon, HF, SS

Dark Reapers (4) Exarch Tempest Launcher, Fast shot

Fast Attack

Shining Spears (3) Exarch, Star Lance, Withdraw

Vyper 2 shuriken Cannons

Total 1985

The basic plan was for the wraithguard to be fortuned and walk across the board attracting as much fire as possible, if they can get close enough, pop whatever they can shoot. Dark reapers will sit back and shoot any marine squad, while pathfinders shoot the daemon prince I know hes taking. Guardians will go for his defiler. DA, harlies and Yriel will fleet up one flank then charge after DAs BS. the other flank will get the combined power from jetbikes, spears, vyper and falcon.

I know basically what hes bringing, but i want the list to be able to fight other stuff, in case he doesn't show up. I've got 15 points left, i also own a small squad of warp spiders, an avatar, a few more guardians and an autarch.

thx in advance