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    1500pts Ulthwe resurrected

    Well I did have an old strike force with some models not being used anymore, mainly Guardians and seers, so I thought I'd put together a list:

    Farseer - Runes oness, Runes of Warding, Fortune : 326pts
    Farseer - Runes of Witness, Doom
    Warlock - Enhance
    Warlock - Embolden
    Warlock - Singing Spear
    Warlock - Singing Spear

    12 Gaurdians - Scatter Laser : 154pts
    Warlock - Conceal, Singing Spear

    13 Gaurdians - Scatter Laser : 162pts
    Warlock - Conceal, Singing Spear

    3 Jetbikes - Shuriken Cannon : 139pts
    Warlock - Singing Spear, Destructor

    Vyper - Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon - 70pts

    Vyper - Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon - 70pts

    6 Warp Spiders : 174pts
    1 Exarch - Dual Death Spinners, Withdraw, Powerblades

    Wraithlord - Brightlance, Missile Launcher, Dual Flamers : 155pts

    Fire Prism - Holofield, Spirit Stone : 160pts

    3 Shadow Weavers Support Platforms : 90pts

    Total - 1500pts

    I've played this army once already in city fight against an Elite Khornate army in cities of death. It did fairly well and did pull through with small lose but I found that the Gaurdians didn't do much offensively but they did hold out the objectives well enough. The Fire Prism had terrible luck....in all 6 turns it always failed to hit with the main cannon, in fact the only kill it got was from it's shuriken catapults, but it did make a nice barricade against Kharn the Betrayer from making combat against my Gaurdians holding an objective. I'll put this down to bad luck for now.

    Overall I found the army handled a small elite army well enough, and can probably deal with lighter infantry, but I somehow felt if I played against a wall of power armour, especially faster moving ones (ie, massed space marine infantry force) I think I would of been hard pushed for a win.

    With the new Autarch on a jebike availiable now separate from the £75 boxed set I'm thinking of getting him with a full squadron of Shining Spears to replace the Seer Council, and the replacing the larger Gaurdian unit and the 3 Shadow Weavers for a squad of Dire Avenegers and 2 D-Cannon Support Platforms. This is for a slightly more competive list against those annoying marines, but thoughts on both set-ups would be nice. Note this list is meant to be somewhat fluffy.

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    HQ: I would definatly prefer shining spears and autarch to this unit. Make sure you get an exarch with withdraw. Star lance is a nice to have if you have points left over.

    Guardians: should be replaced by 10 Dire avengers with a bladestorming exarch.

    Jetbikes: Nice unit, I usually choose embolden as the warlock power.

    Vipers: If you are in 24" range to use the shuriken cannon then you may as well save yourself points and just get 2 shuriken cannon per bike. 10 points isn't worth it for 1 extra shot if you are not using the range.

    Spiders: Great, get 1-2 more chaps if you can.

    Wraithlord: Good but who will stop him daydreaming if you swap out the seer council. If you still have a cheap farseer that will work or keep one of the guardian units and use their warlock to make sure the big guy keeps his mind on the job.

    Prism: Good. I prefer falcons but they cost more and don't have BS4.

    Support platforms: Yes 2 D cannon would be better although their range is a little short.
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