1500pt Competitive Take-All-Comers - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt Competitive Take-All-Comers


    Shas’el, TA, HWMT, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle-97
    Ethereal -50


    XV8 x3, TL with TA, HWMT, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, 2x Missile Pod, 2x Plasma Rifle, 2x Multi Tracker- 201

    XV8 x2, TL with TLMP, TA, HWTL, TLMP, TA-116

    6x Stealth Suits-180


    12 Fire Warriors, Shas’ui, -130
    12 Fire Warriors, Shas’ui, -130
    12 Fire Warriors, Shas’ui, -130

    Fast Attack

    8x Pathfinders, Warfish, SMS, Multi-Tracker, Decoy Launchers, Targetting Array- 216

    Heavy Support

    Hammerhead, Railgun, Burst Cannons, Multi-Tracker, Decoy Launchers-165
    Broadside with Shield Drone Drone Controller-85


    Basically completely stationary. Using IC Status of Ethereal I will hide behind a unit so it doesn’t attract any fire because its death will pretty much screw up the game but provides a much needed leadership boost. Pathfinders light up targets supporting the hammerhead, fire warriors and XV8s. Deathrains for Land Speeders, Vypers, Orky Transports, Rhinos etc. Broadside and Railhead for AT. Basically I will eliminate all fast cc squads my opponent may have and after these are eliminated, the hammerhead and broadsides help to eliminate tanks, characters etc with markerlight support and that’s about it. Commnets would be appreciated.

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    I had the same strategy until I played a raven wing army, it was mostly bikes and they got to me before I could take out very many of them. After that I got pummled. Have you had any situations when you got into cqc? What did you do to deal with that?
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