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    1,500 point Army List

    Ok so here's my go at an army list. The idea here is to get into battle quick, tie the units up while doing some damage, and then finish them off with the big guys. Only concern here is that I don't have enough firepower. And for those of you wondering, it does work out to exactly 1500 points as is, so the Red Terror is permitted. I honestly thought about having Old One Eye in as well, but that didn't solve my firepower problem at all.


    174 Hive Tyrant - Adrenal Glands (WS), enhanced senses, scything talons, venom canon, catalyst, extended carapace, toxin sacs

    90 Retinue for Hive Tyrant: Tyrant Guard (x2)

    176 Hive Tyrant - adrenal glands (WS), scything talons (x2), winged, warp field, toxic miasma


    99 Tyranid Warrior (x3) - adrenal glands (WS), scything talons, rending claws, extended carapace, toxin sacs

    108 Tyranid Warrior (x3) - scything talons, deathspitter, enhanced senses, extended carapace, toxin sacs


    160 Hormagaunts (x16)

    146 Spinegaunt (x2

    144 Termagaunt (x24)

    Fast Attack:

    144 Gargoyles (x12)

    104 Red Terror

    Heavy Support:

    161 Carnifex - toxin sacs, barbed strangler, enhanced senses, adrenal glands (WS), scything talons, extended carapace

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    First of all, divide each of your troop broods in half. Nids work better with alot of smaller groups. They dont have to take morale checks or anything, so there is almost no reason to make them into huge broods.
    I would instead change the fex into a shootafex. Drop the ups and give it +1BS, VC and Barbed S. If you have points give it +1W and maybe regen or +1Sv
    I personally do not like CC tyrants, but they work. Dakka flyrants are pretty beastly too. Sacrificing 2 cc atks for 12 S5 reroll to hit AND wound shots just sound fine to me.
    I like your troop choices, good numbers.
    You may want to replace the gargs with raveners, but thats ur choice.
    If you run the CC warriors, I'd give them leaping at least, or drop them all together for dakka warriors.
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