Hello all-

I'm going to be playing a bigger game against a DA player at our store. I wanted to make a list that was different from what I normally field. I've played this guy before in smaller pt games and standing and shooting doesn't work so well. Anyways, tell me what you all think.

HQ: 405
Lord w/ Dest Body, WS, Res Orb, GoF
Lord w/ VoD, Res Orb, WS

Troops: 810
Warriors x15
Warriors x15
Warriors x15

Fast: 496
Wraiths x3
Wraiths x3
Destroyers x5

Elite: 700
Flayed Ones w/ Dis Fields x10
Flayed Ones w/ Dis Fields x10
Immortals x10

Heavy: 580
Monolith x2
Tomb Spiders x2

Total Pts: 2991
Total Models: 88
PO: 22 Models

Anyways the idea is pretty simple. Attach the Dest Lord to the Wraiths and have them run up the flank to start hitting him from the side, hopefully getting to his Dev Sq before they can do any real damage (he is quite fond of those squads). I've had very good luck with them in the past in this role, so hopefully they won't let me down. Depending on the senario and rules being used I will either inflitrate the flayed ones or if it looks safe maybe deep strike them as close as I can. I'm not really worried about taking out his vehicles too much, but more so the troops.
As always, advice is appreciated!