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Thread: Tyranid 1500pts

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    Tyranid 1500pts

    This is my first tyranid list and I wanted to make an army of hordes of tyranids. All the hormagaunt will rush forwards with the winged Hive Tyrant and the on foot Hive Tyrant will pick off any tanks. I mostly play against Imp Guard and Marines. Let me know what you think of it.


    Hive Tyrant - 196pts
    2x LT Devourer, Enchanced Senses, Toxin Sacs, Winged, Warp Field

    Hive Tyrant - 212pts
    2x Venon Cannon, Enchanced Senses, Toxin Sacs, Warp Field


    Hormagaunt Brood #1 - 240pts
    20 hormagaunts - Toxin Sacs

    Hormagaunt Brood #2 - 240pts
    20 hormagaunts - Toxin Sacs

    Hormaguant Brood #3 - 240pts
    20 hormagaunts - Toxin Sacs

    Hormaguant Brood #4 - 196pts
    16 hormagaunts - Toxin Sacs

    Hormagaunt Brood #5 - 180pts
    15 hormagaunts - Toxin Sacs

    Total - 1500pts
    Hive Tyrants - 2
    Hormagaunts - 91

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    HQ - Take the warpfield off you second tyrant and give him extended carapace instead. The invulnerable save is not woth the points as it is very very unlikly to ever roll true. Better stick with the cheaper carapace.

    Also in your troops- you don't have any real killing power. Lots to hold up and take some stuff down - but nothing with a real punch. Further you only have 2 monstrus creatures with synapse in a 1500 point match - changes are one will go down fast - followed soon by the other - at which point your have lost - the hormagaunts will most likley fail IB tests and flee off the board.
    I reckon swapping at least 2 groups of the hormagaunts out for genestealers will increase killing power no end.
    Also - look to takeing zoanthrops - the warpblast is a useful extra ranged shot - and zoanthrops are tough enough to take quite a few hits - synapse on them also helps

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