500 pt. Escalation League - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    500 pt. Escalation League

    Since the Local League is starting up, thought I'd pare down for a bit, play small engagements w/ nids. I think this list is rather heavy, but given the favoring of Tau about, I'm hoping to make a mess of them.

    HQ: Hive Tyrant Venom Cannon, TL Devourers, TS, ES, EC -174 pts
    Tyrant Guard, vanilla 45 pts

    Troops: @$$load of Gaunts 1, 14 w/ fleshborers 84pts
    @$$load of Gaunts 2, 14 w/ fleshborers 84pts

    Heavy Support: Carnifex 2 Sets of TL Devourers 113pts

    The only part on this list I'm leery of is the 'fex, thinking I might be better with some 'thropes and fewer gaunts. Though 'Nid lists frequently suffer from the lack of anti-tank anyway. Figure I'll just glance skimmers to death.

    Responses welcome! :drinking:

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    Do not meddle in the affairs of Tyranids, for you are crunchy, and good with ketchup.

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    might be an idea (if tau are around) to consider hormagaunts over termagauts - the extra long charge distance can get them into close combate without having to sit another turn in the rapid fire range - which the termagaunts will have to do.
    As for the fex and anti tank - the zoanthrope is tough = but I would be inclined to keep the carnifex with devourers - more shots and also, as you say, good for skimmer killing

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