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    Apoc ready Nids?

    Having been away on business for the last 4 months, I haven't been able to really take a look at apocalypse and the potential for bugs. I do however have the cash to pick up enough models to field one. Up until this point I've been playing variants of a stealer list. Therefore i already have 60+ stealers, 1 HT, 1 BL, 3 Carni's, 3 lictors, and some extra bits, as well as some gaunts....somewhere. I'd like to see what everyone thinks are "essentials" or good ideas for an Apoc army. What I'm looking at picking up are:

    2 Trygons
    2 Barbed Hierodule (totalling to 3)
    All 3 box sets for bugs.
    12 Raveners (to go with the trygons and the apoc special rule)

    Can anyone give advice/flame my idea pls. Who's actually fielded an Apoc army? How did it turn out?

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    All apoc is really a version all about fun, rather than expert army building (because the rules open the floodgates for cheese potentail)

    If you are serious about this endevour (and have the several £100s ready) then I would suggest getting the boxed nid sets as soon as you can - as now they are no longer supported officially and are being made up with leftover stock from the promotion.
    Also - with what you have there it certainly will take a long time just to assemble the models - and once done a lot wont' see action outside of apoc (where people often team up anyway). At the end of the day its your money - but this seems like rather a lot to spend all in one go.

    As for tips - well from what I have heard the endless gaunts is fun strategem to throw against opponents - and then there is one that lets you bring in over 1/2 your army from any board edge (read behind enemy lines). Have a read though the book though (I have not read through it as yet)

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