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    1500 Hybrid list

    Well, I'm relatively new to the WAAAAGH!!!!! but i'm learning fast! Anyways, I have a tiny 500 point force that I've been using along with the old 'dex, and I think it's high time to switch to the new one, especiallys ince I just recieved it throughthe mail! After a quick skimthrough and looking at other lists around here this is what I've come up with.


    Warboss with attack squig, power klaw, cybork body and bike

    Big mek with kustom forcefeild

    14 lootas


    20 sluggas
    2 rokkits
    nob with power klaw

    20 shootas
    2 big shootas
    Nob with power klaw

    12 sluggas
    Nob with powerklaw

    Trukk with rokkit and reinforced ram

    Fast attack

    16 stormboyz
    Nob with klaw

    War buggy with rokkit

    War buggy with rokkit

    Heavy support
    3 kannons

    3 kannons

    3 killa kans with grotzookas

    So my plan is to generally advance with the boyz and kanz, backed upped by the kff weilding mek. The stormboyz and trukk/buggies will be lookout They'll either go where they need to be to either tie up any dangerous shooty unit or to simply hang back and act as a response unit against the unexpected/ bail out the boyz who've bitten off more then they can chew.

    The kannons and loota will provide much needed anti tank fire while doubling quite nicely as anti-infantry (well at least anti geq) support.

    So any improvements? Glaring mistakes? One concern I have with my list is that i may have gone all over the place and as a result, it isn't going to accomplish a thing! So suggestions are welcome!

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    Quick thoughts as I don't have the book
    1. Drop the reinforced ram on the trukk. You do not want a trukk tankshocking. Your trukks man focus is to deliver its boys, after that anything accomplished by the big shoota on it is gravy. Your trukk most likely will be dead on turn 2, if its not, your opponent messed something up. As you only have 1 trukk, it is best used as either a counter strike, or take on a 5 man squad.

    2. Your at 1480/1500 if you did all your points and everything correctly. You should at this drop the reinforced ram and minimally add in boss poles to the units of orks in the troop slots. With the new rules, you really want a boss pole especially at leadership 7 to try and keep your boys around as long as possible. Similar lines: Your warboss needs a boss pole.

    3. Why are you using the grotzookas? What roll are they filling? While its an interesting weapon, that i'm not sold on its use, i'm curious what its doing. If you using it to shoot rank and file, then at 1500 you should take the big shootas for the lower cost. As your a template weapon, if your opponents place properly you'll have 6 template shots from that unit, hitting about half. So lets say you hit 3 templates. Your probably looking at 1 and a parital off each. So you resolve them 1 at a time. At best your looking at 3 hits, and 6 successful partials for 9 hits, at best. Your result will probably be 3 hits, and 3 partials for a total of 6, not factoring your opponent removing a model for a wound if it happens. For about the same wounds/hits i'd stick with a big shoota for less, unless your playing against guard, where they'll be packed in.

    4. consider using 2 slots of 7 lootas instead of a big unit of 14. Make your opponent split fire, also it allows you to target 2 different units.

    5. Kannons are an interesting choice for a left over 120 pts. Me personally I'd shift around some things, and get another unit of 3 killa kans. I get why your using them, as its those extra str 8 shots for minimal investment. I just don't see them doing much from my experience. Its the same cost as 8 tank bustas which kick out 8 rokkit shots. Both are strength 8 ap 3, i'd rather have 8 rokkit shots at a tank hitting on 5's instead of 3 shoots hitting on 4's. Its a matter of preference. However, kannons due have the better range so try it out.
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    Mouse: The reason you want to take a Ram has very little to do with the fact that it allows the trukk to tank-shock--rather it is used because it allows the trukk to re-roll difficult terrain tests. That's why I take them, and it makes trukks a lot more versatile as to where they can assault.
    "...a swarm of mechanised locusts sweeping over the land, stripping it bare of resources, bringing death and destruction to anything that stands in its path. Emperor preserve us against the predations of these so-called Orkish cults of speed!" - Cardinal Nomura at the Conclave of Hessen

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