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    500pts of playtesting goodness

    i'm going into gamesworkshop after work tomorrow and haveing a game against the manager of that store. its only a 500 pt battle because i have just started orks.
    he will be useing his tyranids.(dont know his list)

    Warboss: power claw, twin-linked shoota, 'eavy armour, attack squig, bosspole, cybork body.

    3 Meganobs: 1 kombi shoota-rokkit, 1 kombi shoota-skorcha. 130pts

    5 lootas: 1 is Mek. 75pts

    20 ork Slugga boyz: Nob with power claw and bosspole. boy with big shoota. 165pts

    Total: 495pts

    and i am anticipateing you telling me that i shouldn't have meganobs and that they will be too slow. and your right, but i am useing all the models i got to make this list, so not much i can do about that there.

    what are good anti nid tactics orcs can use?

    Orks 1-0-0
    Vampire counts 0-0-1

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    This list looks ok but if possible try and field something instead of the lootas since in squads of five they arnt so good. Also if possible get shootas instead of sluga and choppas (much better but keep if you have not got the models) A killer kan and burners would be usful also. Anyway with the army you have got at the moment there are certain tactics. Firstly you will probaly be outnumbered in ccb so place your lootas carefuly to take out genestylers which he is almost bound to have in his army. Also with your warboss place him carefuly so he will be able to take out a carnifex but against anything else avoid getting into ccb since you will need to make lots of saves since he has got a power claw. With the army you have that is all the advise i can give but tyranids armys can be really different so he might put a shooting army on the field???

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