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Thread: Iyanden 1000pts

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    Iyanden 1000pts

    Hi guys, this is my first attempt at an eldar list. I really like wraithguard and dire avengers so iyanden seems like the right craftworld to choose. Here goes, any hellp would be greatly appreciated.

    Farseer with guide and doom and spirit stones (goes with DAs)- 120

    10 dire avengers, exarch with bladestorm and extra shuriken cat - 152
    wave serpent with shuriken cannon, vectored engines and spirit stones - 130

    10 guardians with scatter laser platform - 95
    warlock with embolden and singing spear- 33

    5 Wraithguard with spiritseer with singing spear and enhance - 351 (including wave serpent)
    wave serpent with shuriken cannon, vectored engines and spirit stones

    wraithlord with eldar missile launcher 115

    Comes to 996 in total. Tactics are DAs with farseer in transport goes for enemys larges unit of foot troops, with doom and guide you can be pretty much guaranteed they will do maximum damage by using bladestorm, then in the next turn they can hop aboard the transport again and repeat the process.

    Wraithguard are the tanks and heavy infantry hunters, they also have the toughness to survive most assaults.

    Wraithlord and guardians are there to absorb fire, guardians can snipe infantry and the wraithlord can shoot at tanks or infantry.

    any help would be good!
    cheers in advance

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    I actually like this list. I have one really minor thing about this list though ( a personal thing) :

    I would get rid of either the Dire Avengers or the Guardians and max out the Wraithguard, they are really powerful when they are one big unit, and they will count as Troops, not elites.
    It's true that they have defense but all you need is a squad with plenty of attacks to completly whipe you out. Plus if you keep the guardians out there then they would just get killed, depending what your opponent/ the army is like.

    Other than that I like it ;Y

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