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    Member chaosjacob's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
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    750 pts tournament army.

    Soon i'm going to a 750 pts tournament. I'd like you to post your best ideas for a perfect 750 pts all-round army, thx.

    This was I am thinking for at 750 pts army:

    Hq: farseer with singing spear, spirit stones, doom and guide.
    Elites: 5 harlequins with kiss.
    Troops: 5 rangers upgraded to pathfinders,
    9 dire avengers with an exarch with bladestorm and two shuriken catapults ( the dire avengers are mounted in the wave serpent with the farseer.)
    Transport: wave serpent with missile launcher.
    Heavy: wraithlord with wraithsword and missile launcher.

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    Senior Member Steel Nathan's Avatar
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    Pretty nice list, but I have 3 things against it.

    1. Wraithswords, 3 words: not worth it. This guy is super awesome in combat, so why does he need a sword? I give it props for looking awesome, but that's about it. You can either grab a different weapon or save the points for something else.

    2. Rangers. You either love them or hate them, I personally like them.. but in small battles like that... not really. Tey are a bit too expensive. Ditch them to get either another squad of Dire Avengers or * drum roll please* Guardians. I know they are not that good, but I actually love these guys.

    3. Guide on Farseer. Yes I love the farseer, yes guide is a good power, not the best but a good one. Think about this, what would you use this on, the Dire avengers, no.. because they will be on the Transport, the Rangers, no becuase that's kind of a waste.. well not really but there's better uses bud . Wraithlord, for one shot( or another weapon), not worth it. I see if you want to kepp him near the wraithlord but guide... no. If you want to kill things then cast doom and let the Dire avengers or something like that shoot at a unit.

    And those are my two cents, oh and good luck in the torunament 8Y.

    Edit: Just saw the farseer part with the Dire Avengers.. no. I would put him near the wraithlod or another squad that you choose which would be near him.
    Last edited by Steel Nathan; March 2nd, 2008 at 20:48.

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