Okay I have been playing with this army for about a year now and been doing pretty good, but I would like to change my two Heavy Support Fexes something else.
Perhaps a Sniperfex and 4(5?) Raveners.

Hive Tyrant: 140
BS, TL-Dev, EC, ES

Dakkafex: 113
TL-Dev, TL-Dev, ES

Lictor: 80

Warriors: 195
4 Warriors -> DS, ST, ES, EC
3 Warriors -> Dev, ST, ES, EC

Termagaunts: 108
18x FB

Spinegaunts: 56
8x SF

Hormagaunts: 132
12x ST, Adrenal Glands (I)

Rippers: 70
5x Leaping

Genestealers: 184
8x RC, EC, Scuttlers

Genestealers: 184
8x RC, EC, Scuttlers

Zoanthropes: 165
3x WB

Fex: 163
EC, TL-Venom Cannon

Fex: 157
CC, TL-Dev, Tusked, Adrenal Glands (I), Reinforced Chitin (+1W), Acid Maw

As you can see my last 2 Fexes are poorly equiped.. they were the first two Nids I ever got and couldnt resist the urge of pumping them up.. hehe.. and those crab claws looked wicked cool 8Y but the last few months I have been rolling nothing but 1s and 2s for how many attacks I've got.. not cool..

Stealers, Hormies, Rippers, Spinegaunts, Warriors, and 2 Zoas set up on #1 flank
Termas, MCs, and the last Zoa take #2
#1 wants to get in CC and #2 is shooty, both got anti-infantry and anti-tank busters..

The CC flank will be in the opponents face by T2 with the Hormies and Rippers tying up heavy weapons and then Stealers will finish the job..
The shooty flank will shoot anything that tries to get away from the CC flank and has the Termas and a crab claw fex to tie things up if they get too close to the more shooty bugs..

I would like some critizism on the list please and some suggestions on what to take instead of the two Heavy Fexes.. my own suggestion is a Sniperfex and Raveners for the last points..

Thank you
- Loek