Ok, so there's a 250 point combat patrol coming up at the end of the month at my local GW and I'd like opinions for army lists. I've put a few together, one of the made by Phoenix (the one with the Kroot).

1) 6 FW w/ Pulse Rifles
5 Gun Drones
1 Fireknife Crisis Suit w/ TA, Team Leader, and HW Multi
1 Deathrain Crisis Suit w/ TA

2) 2 squads of 6 FW w/ Pulse Rifles
1 FK4
1 DR4

3) 7 FW w/ Pulse Rifles
10 Kroot
4 Gun Drones
1 FK3 w/ multi-tracker

4) 4 Stealth Suits
6 FW
7 FW

I don't know what I'll be facing at the tournament, so make judgements based on the fact that I'm trying to make a well-balanced 250 point army. Also, make suggestions based on the Combat Patrol rules (http://uk.games-workshop.com/warhamm...40k40mins2.pdf)