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    best 500pts (in the eyes of a newb)

    I'm kinda new to Eldar but I think that I have stumbled across the perfect
    500pt army list.
    I'm collecting Saim-han because I love their nobility and loyality to their own individual clan,
    (plus who doesn't like a speedy army??? ha, red ones go faster!) so in this army list I
    just had to include a unit of Shining Spears. Now normally I always use a Farseer to lead
    my forces as they are just so god damn awesome but I've had enough of my friends Ork and Imperial armies besting me in combat so this is my first induction for a Autarch:

    -Autarch with: Jetbike
    Laser Lance

    -10xGuardian Defenders: Scatterlaser

    -10xGuardian Defenders: Eldar Missile Launcher

    Fast Attack.
    -3x Shining Spears

    Heavy support.
    -Warwalker- 2x Eldar Missile Launchers

    It really hurts not to give the Shining Spears any cool toys but I think that if they could escort the Autarch then nothing could stop them. The Warwalker has got 2xE.M.L. so that it can provide cover fire against both infanrty and vehicles and the two troop choices....
    well I guess they're just making up points. Now that I look at this it isnt that brilliant anymore, those troop choices are really messing with me, should I include Dire Avengers,
    Rangers or even more jebikes? Please help me, I'm looking foward to school holidays and I'd like to get this Eldar army on the move to play a few games.

    (also, I've just come off a Necron army so I still might be influenced by their tactics,
    is there a way to avoid this??)

    cheers, Captain Courageous

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    Saim-Hann = Jetbikes lol. Mind you, I play for fluff.

    Fluff-wise, scrap the guardians and add jetbikes - they're more expensive but will last longer (2 squads of 4 wiht some pts left over instead of 2 squads of 10...). And remember Jetbikes can move an additional 6" in the assault phase, even if not assaulting...

    Competative-wise, scrap the guardians for Dire Avengers in my opinion. But see what other people think too.

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    500 points is a very sparse list. I squeeze in a tricked-out Falcon, but I like being annoying.

    However, you will face other tanks - even if it's just an Ork Trukk or a Rhino, it will end up being the focus. Thankfully, MEQ armies have very low unit count at this BV if they toss in a tank.

    Shining spears would be much better with withdraw, but the only way I see to get those points is dropping the Warwalker, which you ought to be able to do, I think.

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