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    Need help with a new list for friendly games

    I just bought another Battleforce box to go with the nids I already owned. I have not
    started to assemble the bugs in that box yet, though..

    The models I have already built:
    1 Hive Tyrant w/ VC, BS

    5 Warriors w/ RC, Spitters
    1 Warrior w/ RC, VC

    8 Gaunt Brood with Fleshborers

    8 Hormagaunts

    8 Genestealers RC/ST, EC @ 24 ea

    1 Carnifex "Sniperfex"
    VC, BS, EC, RChit, ES

    3 Ripper Bases

    Models as yet unbuilt:
    1 Hive Tyrant with badly miscast right leg
    (well beyond using green stuff to fix since it has tons of tiny fractures
    all through the leg, will have to find a replacement somewhere)

    3 Lictors

    3 Warriors
    8 Gaunts
    8 Hormagaunts
    8 Genestealers
    1 Carnifex
    2 Ripper Bases

    1 Winged Tyrant with Scything Talons (should arrive early next month, Forgeworld)

    I am thinking about building the new Carnifex as either an Elite choice Dakkafex or giving it crushing and rending claws and a load of defensive biomorphs.

    I've been very successful using the 'fex as a tank-buster, as I get lucky on
    rolling a 6 on the Glancing Hit table, and then either armament destroyed or vehicle
    destroyed on the Penetrating Hit table.

    I might put wings on the warriors once I get my Flyrant in April. I've had a lot of success with their current set-up though, and am not sure the tradoff of EC for Wings will be worth it when I'll easily be able to use the tyrant to provide synapse on the front line.

    I will probably be grabbing a pair of Zoanthropes at some point in the near future to provide some extra synapse and firepower... not to mention the potential for a Psychic Choir with the unbuilt Tyrant that has a busted leg. Might pick up the formation with a Tyrant, Guards, and Zoans too.

    Anyways, what I'm looking for hear is advice and ideas on what to build my new models as and what kind of list I can run with them all. Preferabely around 1000 to 2000 points total as not many people play Apocalypse sized games around here yet.

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    consider making a list of alll the things you have, and put in the upgrades you might put them on... then we can all help you change stuff before you build the rest.

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