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    1500pt competetive Speed Freakz list - need help!

    Ok, this is a revision of my original list, and after much debate, this is what I came up with. Now my biggest area of conflict is the nob warbikers, they are great the way they are, on the other hand if i make them regular warbikers they are less effective and take up a fast attack slot, yet it would be cheaper and could add more models (though less wounds.) Other then that dalema, what else could make this list better battle ready for my upcoming tourney?

    Warboss Durka - PK, Cybork Body, Warbike - 135

    5 nobz - 3 big choppas, PK, Warbikes, Waaagh! Banner, Bosspole - 285

    12 Trukk boyz - nob, 'eavy armour, PK, Bosspole, Trukk (red paint job) - 157
    12 Trukk boyz - nob, 'eavy armour, PK, Bosspole, Trukk (red paint job) - 157
    12 Trukk boyz - nob, 'eavy armour, PK, Bosspole, Trukk (red paint job) - 157

    18 wagon' boyz - rokkit launcha, nob, 'eavy armour, PK, Bosspole - 163
    Battlewagon - 3 big shootas, red paint job, stikkbomb chukka - 115

    13 stormboyz - nob, 'eavy armour, PK, bosspole - 201

    Warbuggie - skorcha - 40

    2 deffkoptas - TL Rokkit launchas - 90


    Biel Tan Eldar 3-0-8
    Vanilla Marines 17-1-2
    Alaitoc Eldar 15-2-4
    Goff Orks 21-1-2
    Nurgle Chaos work in progress

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    okay I don't play orks at all, but from what I've seen when my friend plays them this is what I know.
    1: use less nobs and maybe make one a painboy.
    2: maybe use a big mek, with KFF
    3: drop the wagon defo. use more trukks with more boys. it turns out better.
    4: buggies with TL rokkits are better I think. but if the koptas have worked out for you then go right ahead.
    5: that's a lovely amount of stormboyz. just thought I'd mention that since they are savagely good now.
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    A little of column A...

    You need to optimize this list, which is a pretentious way of saying: trim the fat.

    First, drop the 'eavy armor off all the nobz in the trukks and stormboyz unit. They'll only be able to use it when the unit is down to the nob alone, and by then it won't make enough of a difference. The bosspoles are nice though. Keep those.

    You also need to drop the deffkoptas. They're fun, but in smaller games you don't have the points to spare. Instead, field another warbuggy, field it alone in its own unit by itself, and give both that buggy, and the one already in the list, a win linked rokkit launcha. This list needs anti-armor more than anything else.

    The nobz do indeed need a painboy, but I wouldn't use less than 5 nobz in a team. In fact, I think you should add a 6th (the painboy), and then you need to give them all cybork bodies. Without the 5+ inv. save, they'll be eaten alive by monstrous creatures and powerklaws. Remember, the bike invulnerable save only applies during the shooting phase. As it stands, a team of terminators will tear them apart. I'd also give one more nob a powerklaw, and consider dropping the big choppas. They don't make enough of a difference.

    In order to get the points to optimize this list, you need to change either the stormboyz, or the boyz in the wagon, into a regular trukk with boyz in it instead.

    If you keep the stormboyz, consider increasing their number to 15, if you can. They tend to lose guys fairly easily.

    If you decide to keep the boyz in the battlewagon, you need to use shoota boyz (it wasn't clear if they were shoota or slugga) or else they won't be any more effective then a trukk. You also need to use 20 boyz, so you can have the second rokkit. I like this combination, as it has a lot of firepower, but won't be helpless if the wagon is blown up or if they're assaulted. I'd lose the red paint job, though. It won't make enough difference on a non-fast vehicle. If you were planning to fill the battlewagon with slugga boyz, for the same points, field 2 trukks instead.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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