I'm playing a league game tomorrow vs. IG and this is the list I was thinking of taking. Remember Escalation rule is in effect. Comments welcome!

196 - Flying Dakka Tyrant - Winged, 2x TL Dev, TS, ES, Warp Field

2x Lictors

680 - 5x Brood of 8 Genestealers - Flesh Hooks (85/brood)

Fast Attack
36 - 3x Bio-acid Spore Mines

Heavy Support
100 - 2x Zoanthrope - Both with Psychic Scream, one with Synapse

326 - 2x Sniperfexes - VC+BS, ES, Reinforced Chitin (163 each)

The escalation rule for this mission really through me for a loop. I despise escalation and consider it a horrible unfair rule. But the only other option I have is to drop out of the league, so I'll grin and bear it. I took one zoanthrope with synapse just so I had one synapse creature on the board at the start of the game.