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    750 pt first ork list Whaaaaagh!

    Warboss Wazzablitz w/ big choppa, twin-linked shoota, ‘eavy armor, cybork 85pts


    10 tankbustas 150pts


    12 ‘ard boyz w/ rokkit launcher, Nob- big choppa, ‘eavy armor, boss poll, trukk 155pts

    30 boyz w/ nob- big choppa, ‘eavy armor, boss poll, 2 big shootas, rokkit launcher 225pts

    20 boyz w/ shootas, nob- boss poll, 2 big shootas 145pts

    I have 30 pointsl left, what should i add?

    Thanks! also Whaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!:rofl

    For someone to deal as much damage as you did, the Emperor must surely be at your side. - MaxDv
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    In short: powerklaws. Powerklaws are literally the difference between victory and defeat when fighting Marines or their equivalents in close combat. If you can't deny them their save, instead of killing 2 or more Marines a turn with your nob (on average), you'll be killing one every other turn instead (again, on average).

    Powerklaws also allow you to destroy terminators and monstrous creatures, who usually have a 2+ save. Powerklaws are always a must have within any large group of boyz, not so much for the high strength, but because they deny your opponent their armor save.

    Now here's the tricky part. You need powerklaws in every team of boyz, or else they'll get eaten alive. I know this is more points than you have, but let's start by cutting out one ork out of the unit of 'ard boyz, that way your warboss can ride along in the trukk. By my count, if we take off the big choppas, you still need 75 points.

    To make the cost even steeper, you have almost no anti-armor weapons in this list. You need to change the big shootas in one of the mobz of boyz into rokkits (I'd give it to the sluggas), for 10 more points.

    With 85 points to cut, the 'ard boyz upgrades have to go. It isn't a bad upgrade, but in a game this small, there are simply no extra points to spend. You should also remove the 'eavy armor upgrades off the nobz, as they can't use it until they're the last model alive in the unit, and by then it won't make enough of a difference. This cuts out 50 points.

    Cut the rokkit out of the unit of trukk boyz. You won't use it enough befor getting into close combat. For the same reason, I'd take off the warboss' twin linked shoota. This leaves you with 35 points that have to go.

    From experience, a unit of 22-25 boyz isn't really that less effective than a unit of 30. On the other hand, a unit of boyz that has a big choppa is much less effective than a unit that has a powerklaw. For the remaining points, I'd cut the unit of 30 slugga boyz down to 25, and remove one rokkit (as the max becomes 2). This cuts 40 points from your list, and you're clear.

    With the 5 remaining points...you could give the tankbustas a bomb squig, give the trukk a red paint job, or give the warboss his twin-linked shoota back. It's up to you.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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