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    Speed Freek army at 1500 points

    Hey guys, here's my first attempt at a speed freek army under the new rules. Please criticize, as I want a competitive list.

    Warboss: Warbike, PK, Cybork body: 135
    6 Nobz: Nob Bikerz, 5 PK, Painboy, Cyborks, WAAAGH Banner: 470
    5 Tankbustas, Bomb-Squig: 80
    12 Boyz: Nob, PK, Wartrukk: 142
    12 Boyz: same 142
    12 Boyz: same 142
    12 Boyz: same 142
    12 Boyz: same 142
    Warbuggy: Rokkit Launcha: 35
    Warbuggy: Rokkit Launcha: 35
    Warbuggy: Rokkit Launcha: 35

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    + Bosspoles - Tankbustas

    You need bosspoles. If nothing else, you definitely need a bosspole in the unit of nobz. If you roll badly and lose a single combat (it happens, trust me), you're going to have to make an leadership check or run off the table. The bosspole, for 5 points, gives you a re-roll on the leadership check, at the cost of inflicting a wound (which armor and no-pain applying) to the unit. Although it may not seem much, I've lost track of how many times my unit was saved by the bosspole. Definitely put one in the group of nobz (drop the bomb squig to pay for it), and you might want to consider putting a bosspole in each of the units of trukk boyz, where a few bad rolls can easily cause you to lose combat.

    To pay for this, I'd drop the tankbustas. They definitely aren't bad, but without a transport, they have virtually no chance of making it within 24in range, considering that the shots from 1-2 of your average enemy unit will wipe them out. If that wasn't enough, the glory hogs rule means that if there is a vehicle within line of sight, they can't choose to shoot at a non-vehicle. If a Leman Russ if facing them from across the board, it doesn't matter that a group of Ogryns are closing on them, they'll only shoot and try to assault the distant tank, even though they can't possibly ever reach it.

    The solution to all these problems is a transport. Even a looted wagon with a big shoota (it always needs at least one weapon, or 'weapon destroyed' results will immobilize it instead) will help protect the tankbustas, move them within range, and keep them close to the vehicles they're forced to target.

    If you want to use the tankbustas, you really need a looted wagon or battlewagon, but for the points, you'd have to drop both a rokkit buggy, and scrounge up 5 points from somewhere. To get this, you could either drop a single boy out of one of the trukk units, or remove the cybork body from the painboy. I've seen people do that in many lists, since you use majority saves, so it won't be a factor until it's down to the painboy and one other nob, and at that point you're most likely doomed anyway.

    Of course, you could also drop a unit of trukk boyz, play the trukk as a looted wagon instead, convert some of the boyz into tankbustas, and run 10 tankbustas in a looted wagon, instead a 5th unit of trukk boyz. That's what I'd do at least.
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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