Hey everyone!

As of right now I am trying to upgrade all of my lists, which is becoming a little costly, but none the less I think they are coming along nicely. My older Tau list had a lot of MP's/ PR's and IC's with a dash of RG's; however, I want to take that to the extreme and theme out the list with S7. in a way it kind of reflects a Godzilla list with its high strength and accuracy, but has speed over toughness - zillamech?!

HQ: 458
2x1 EL': TLMP, BK
2x2 Vre: TLMP, TA, HwDC, 2xSD's
(These guys have an odd number of wounds so I gave them a BK just incase they go below 50%.)

Elite: 582
3x1 TmLd: TLMP, TA, HwDC, 2xSD's
3x2 TLMP, TA
(The meat and potatoes of the list)

Troop: 210
2x10 Kroot
(Kroot should almost always be an auto imo.)

1x6 FW's w/ Ui
(They stand back and watch the fireworks, and if possible plink away an enemy troops.)

Fast: 210
3x1 Piranhas: FB, TA
(These guys soul purpose is to hunt down AV14.)

Heavy: 390
3x1 IC: BC, MT, DP
(More S7, what can I say lol.)

Why I did what I did:
If I want max S7 I need Body Guards and if I am using 15 suits I doubt I will have enough terrain to hide behind, thus, the oddity of adding SD's onto DR's.

Kroot rock, what more can I say?

I field FW's in one of three ways: en'mass, combine fire with SS's (one squad), or take as little as possible.

FBP's should also be an auto include imo because they are just so tactically flexible.

The lack of RG's is shocking, but with all of my S7 armored vehicles 13 and below won’t have a prayer. And since I have so much S7 my IC's can focus on their main objective - troops and not vehicles.

How it should work:
First turn:
-DR's pop armor
-FBP's turbo boost on up
-IC's unload on troops or help out if need be on vehicles

Second turn:
DR's shoot troops
FBP's pop AV14
IC's continue shooting troops

Turn three:

It is a creative list and I am sure there are a few good ideas or kinks I over looked, but all in all I can not wait to get it off the ground and onto the field!