The Stalker Kindred cost +3pts a model over a normal Kroot and only gain the benefit of being able to ambush in a Jungle Fight.

But i have never seen anyone ever use the Jungle Fight rules. So really you are just paying +3pts a model for a normal kroot in almost all your battles.

On top of that the Catachan codex is old and outdate and almost all of those rules have been replaced by new ones. I think the Ambush rules need to be revamped but are still really cool rules to use.

SO heres my thought.

Units that are going to Ambush need to be placed in reserve at the start of the battle even in scenerios were they normally would not be allowed to. at this time you will choose a peice of area terrian that offer a cover save. starting on turn 2 you may choose to reveal your unit in this terrian on your turn. unless your opponet enters the terrian and discovers your unit, then they must be place in the terrian where your opponet chooses. If an opponet dicovers your unit they must be revealed and are place in the terrian where your opponet has "dicovered" them and the whole unit must be placed in the terrian and 1" away from any enemy models. All models that cannot be placed are destroyed. Upon being revealed your unit will count as being stationary, so they may move and shoot as normal.

any thoughts or suggestions?

I figured its a good idea for home rules to be trialed.