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    1500 pts shooty horde

    I started playing 40k about the time the newest ork codex came out (basicly a newb), but ive love the greenskins from before i started playing... even with somewhat bad book they had before. Ive played about 20-30 games with orks so far, and havent had much luck with them. Im sure part of my problem is that im new, and dont know my opponents armies well enough for me to make best use of my army. But i believe part of the problem is a meta issue. Ive played more games vs tau and big nids than anything else combined. And the list ive run the most is a 4 truk army. Ie death trap vs all those S5+ shots. Ive had almost no problem beating eldar or SM with either horde type or truk list, as those elite armies dont often have the number of shots or models to handle very many guys. (maxed out for AT, not Anti-infantry) So in response ive come up with a foot slogging shooty type army. I havent run it yet, but i would like to post it here for comment and/or suggestions.

    HQ: Warphead

    Troops: 20 Shoota boys with 2 rokkits including PK nob
    20 Shoota boys with 2 rokkits including PK nob
    20 Shoota boys with 2 rokkits including PK nob
    20 Shoota boys with 2 rokkits including PK nob

    Fast attack: 15 storm boys including PK nob

    Heavy: 2 Killa Kans with Kustom Mega-Blastas and armour plates
    2 Killa Kans with Kustom Mega-Blastas and armour plates
    2 Killa Kans with Kustom Mega-Blastas and armour plates

    Where i play with operate with the ruling that shoota boys can have PK nobs, and that Big Meks give cover to Units with 1 or more models close enough (both are subject to some pretty heated rules lawyering, but most players here dont think that either thing is broken or cheesy, so its ok until or if GW ever gets around to an FAQ.) So would it be better to run KFF meks in place of the warpheads, either 1-2, and/or replace the Kans with lootas and/or more storm boys. I really want to make use of the kans, because they fill a nice roll in this army, but since they are still AV 11 6" movement vehicles, with only 1 BS3 shot... vs a squad of guys that cant really move, but have 1d3 S7 shots (one of best anti skimmer units ive seen), or a squad of the fastest assault unit ive seen so far. The biggest advantage ive seen is that kans dont run away... but that not a big diff considering the fact that they are so fragile. then there is the idea of a sneaky kommando squad with the special boss that can play from any edge as a reserve.

    Another idea ive kicked around is an ork firebase army. with lootas, big guns, and a Shokk gun under the cover of a KFF. it would kinda look like this:

    HQ: big mek with shokk gun and cybork armour
    big mek with KFF and cybork armour

    Troops: 20 Shoota boys with 2 rokkits including PK nob
    20 Shoota boys with 2 rokkits including PK nob
    20 Shoota boys with 2 rokkits including PK nob

    Elite: 12 lootas
    12 lootas

    Fast attack: 15 storm boys including PK nob

    Heavy: 3 kannon
    3 kannon
    3 kannon

    the kannons might seem a little weak, but considering they cost almost nothing to deploy... the entire 9 cannons come out to the same cost as the boys sqauds, they seem like they have a good chance to get their points back.

    Anyways suggestions, comments and criticisms are all welcome.

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    Don't worry about the whole 'shoota boy powerklaw issue', that's dead. It started as an internet rumor and got out of hand, but GW never said they couldn't take a powerklaw. The issue was officially killed with the release of the codex, which includes a picture around the middle of the book, with the sample armies/models, of a nob with a powerklaw leading a unit of shoota boyz. I forget the exact page number, but it's in there.

    I'm not sure what problems you're having, but the first list looks fairly solid to me. Against tau I find the rokkits are very effective, as they cause instant death against power suits. Part of the problem may be how mobile they are, and so footslogging might be difficult. Hammerhead Railguns are also very effective against large groups of enemies, since they use the large blast template, and piece through most armor. Also, there aren't any guns in your list that can shoot further than the firewarrior's 30in range. On top of that, now that I think about it, the tau firewarrior's guns can glance your cans.

    Against Tyranids, I can see you having similar problems against 'sniper-fexes', or monstrous creatures that specialize with shooting. In close combat you should fare better, but the fact you're not using any big shootas might come back to haunt you.

    Overall, this list needs more versatility. It needs the ability to fire more shots, at a longer range, and cover more distance if it needs to. You might also want to consider using at least 1 unit of slugga boyz, to add more CC punch.

    First, you need longer range shots. I'd change at least some of the kustom mega blastas into big shootas, and use the killa kans as a gunline. If you like the kmbs, then you could also change some of the rokkits in the teams of boyz into big shootas, or field some lootas if you can find the points (just keep them in cover). You might also want to consider cutting down to 3 kans, each in individual units, separated at least 4in away from each other, to limit the effectiveness of shooting against them.

    Second, you need either warbuggies (with rokkits preferably), warbikes, deffkoptas, or tankbustas in either a looted wagon or battlewagon. What I'm getting at is you need a calvary, or in other words, a unit that can quickly move to where they are needed and provide support. Storm boyz just aren't fast enough. My favorite unit to use for this are rokkit buggies, each fielded individually, so if my opponent wants to have a powerful unit shoot at it, they'll be wasting all the shots on a single 35 point unit. I like to quickly move across the board, behind cover, and then go for the side/back armor of vehicles. Warbikes also work, in units of 6-9, with a nob w/pk and bosspole. Turbo-charge 24in, while keeping behind cover, and then swing around next turn and shoot your enemy to pieces, and finish them off in the assault if you need to. Tankbustas are the most effective of the options, but also the most expensive. They also tend to draw a lot of fire from shooty armies, so more expendable troops may serve this list better.

    Besides that, the list looks solid, but any footslogging unit is going to have problems against shooty armies, especially if there isn't much terrain on the board. Large vehicles help block line of sight, and fast vehicles help take the fight directly to your opponent, if you can spare the points. If nothing else, you need to add fast vehicles merely to serve as a distraction. If they shoot at the fast, expendable vehicles, then your boys are safe. If they ignore your fast, expendable vehicles, then they'll eventually regret it.

    Your second list looks effective...for now. It's a tricky subject because independent characters aren't going to be quite as effective very soon (in the upcoming 5th edition rules your opponent will be able to target them as normal, and they'll automatically join units within 2in of them at the start of your turn, if they're unattached...you could attach them to the lootas, but that's going to make them a very tempting target), and the KFF is definitely going to be changed in the errata. Also, in 5th edition rules, all units are going to block line of sight for equal sized units. In other words, if your lootas are behind your shoota boyz, they can't see through them, and won't be able to fire. They will still be able to work, but they'll have to be off to the side, or on elevated terrain.

    However, if you aren't using any warp 'eads, trukks or Ghazghskull, you're going to have trouble getting those boyz into close combat. I wouldn't cut them, as 4 troops/cc units are good for a 1500 point list, but I'd consider using trukks for the second list, unless you plan to hold back and shoot, and if that's the case, you don't need the stormboyz. Kommandos would serve you better.

    Kommandos are very effective, but I've found there's only two ways to effectively play them: in units of 9-13 with 2 burnas and Snikkrot, or in units of 5 with 2 rokkits. The Snikkrot option is expensive, but it allows you to enter from your enemy's board edge, which can be devastating against shooty armies, like Tau. Without Snikkrot, you're merely infiltrating, which isn't as useful, but if you can get into position to use rokkits against back armor, it can work quite well for only a small amount of points.

    If you're using big guns, I'd consider only using one kannon in each unit. Those guns aren't going to last long if your opponent shoots them. At 20 points a piece, they're extremely expendable, and can really help against monstrous creatures and light armor.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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