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Thread: 1500 ork list.

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    1500 ork list.

    hey ,
    here is one of my ideas for 1500 points ork list and id like to listen proposals.
    HQ :
    2 x Big Mek with SAG, cyborg body
    10 nob bikers with painboy,2 power claw ,wargh banner( maybe big choppas for all or 5+ inv save)
    15 Lootas
    15 Lootas
    11 slugga boys + nob with pc +trukk
    11 slugga boys + nob with pc +trukk

    what do u think??

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    First of all, those nobz need cybork bodies. Without the invulnerable save, they're going to be eaten alive by powerklaws and monstrous creatures. Remember, you don't get the 'feel no pain' roll if the wound came from a close combat weapon that ignores armor saves, and if the attack is strong enough to cause instant death, the nob's extra wound doesn't count. That means if the other player causes 3 wounds with a powerklaw, you have to take 3 models off the table with no roll possible, and that can happen every turn. Cybork bodies help minimize your losses. The nobz also need a bosspole in order to be effective, otherwise they'll be running off the board quicker than you can imagine.

    That aside, this is an interesting, if odd list. There's almost no anti-armor in it. The lootas are nice, but they can't get through Armor 14. The big meks are nice, but they're a bit unpredictable. I'd add a rokkit buggy or two, if it were my list, but then again that's my advice for most ork lists. It does need anti-armor though. If not rokkit buggies, then perhaps killa kans with rokkits, a small team of tankbustas in a looted wagon, or a few big guns units with kannons.

    Another problem is that 2 trukks aren't going to last long. Honestly, you have to run at least 3, and preferably 4 if you want to ensure getting them into close combat. Otherwise, your opponents (especially the ones that focus on shooting) will be able to focus all their anti-armor guns upon the two of them, and most likely blow them both sky high on either turn 1 or 2.

    Of course, you could solve both of the above problems by fielding the boyz on foot instead of in trukks, in units of 20-25 with 2 rokkits per team, but if you do this, you want at least one of the teams to be shoota boyz instead of slugga.

    In any case, I'd add at least 12 more boyz (either another trukk full, or change the units into 20-25 footsloggers w/2 rokkits and pk nob), and preferably another anti-armor unit. To pay for it, I'd cut down the Lootas to 10-13 per squad (if your opponent focuses upon them, large numbers aren't going to save them), and you might want to consider cutting the nobz down to 8 or so. They'll be about as effective as before, and it gives you about 100 points to spend on other things.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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