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    3000 point 5th ed. Apoc list

    I am planning on retooling my list for 5th ed. based on what rumors we have at the moment. I usually only play apocolypse with my friends and dont have any forge world stuff. I want a list that has a chance even against super heavies and the like so would like some opinions. I plan on taking blind barrage as my asset since everyone expects flank march.

    Flyrant- x2ST,Winged,+I, +WS, +S, Maisma, Warp Field,Acid maw, Flesh hooks, Implant

    Hive Mind Brood-
    Tyrant STx2, +Save, +S, Miasma, +WS
    x3 Gaurd
    x5 Zoanthropes- Scream, Synapse

    Broodlord- Flesh hooks, +Save, +S, Feeder tendrils
    x5 Stealers- Feeder tendrils

    Endless Swarm-
    x20 gaunts- +S, Scuttlers, Fleshborers
    x20 gaunts- +S, Scuttlers, Fleshborers
    x20 gaunts- +S, Scuttlers, Fleshborers
    x20 hormagaunts
    x20 hormagaunts
    x20 hormagaunts

    x2 Carnifex- STx2, +S, +WS, +T, +W, +Save, Maisma, +I, Regen, Tusked, Flesh hooks

    My Endless swarm is my real killer, 20 STR 5 shots coming in from random table edges because of scuttlers and 60 hormagaunts to tie stuff up. The hive mind brood can potentially destroy any army that isnt fearless and provides lots of tough synapse so my endless swarm can funtion. CC fexes should be able to make it in with running and the help of the hormagaunts to tie stuff up. Hopefully my opponent fears flank march and also my broodlord and the scuttlers so the deploy away from the board edge then I deploy normally so by turn 2 im charging in. Unsure if my 2 fexes are enough to face super heavies? Sure seems like a fun list to play with lots of fun rules and such.

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