1500pts Wazdakka Biker Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts Wazdakka Biker Army

    The Waaagh Wing

    180 – Wazdakka
    (Turbo Boost & Tank Hunt)
    140 – Warboss Groor: Warbike, Boss Pole, Power Klaw and Cybork Bits.

    600 – Groor’s Medal Eads: 9 Nob Bikers, 1 Painboy, 2 Power Klaws, all with Cybork Bitz and 1 Waaagh Banner.
    (Get stuck in while using the terrain to cover their approach)
    190 – 6 Warbikers: Nob with Bosspole.
    190 – 6 Warbikers: Nob with Bosspole.
    (Their job is to support the Nob Bikers by charging into nearby units and preventing enemy units from counter charging)

    Now I have 200pts left to spend but I’m not quite sure where to invest it in

    Kitted out Battlewagon and a small squad (tankbusters?) to transport!
    (The Battlewagon’s job is to draw fire away from the bikers and provide some much needed anti tank weaponry, plus it can soak up heavy weapons fire much better than my more vulnerable bikers that can die instantly from one shot, model wise I’d convert it to look like a mobile mek workshop from DOW for repairs on the go)

    4 Deff Koptas with Big Bombs!
    (These use their scout and turbo boost move to get into the enemy deployment and drop their bombs before causing as much havoc as possible forcing my opponent to tie up on of his units taking down the Deff Koptas in his deployment zone)

    A 4 Man Squad of Warbikers & 3 Buggies with Rokkit Launchers!
    (Wazdakka will need some protection while he goes tank hunting, and he’s too shooty and will likely be charged after he’s turbo boosted to attach to the Nob bikers, the left over points will go on some needed ranged tank weapons.)

    Any other suggestions on increasing the effectiveness of this army and what supportive units should I spend my last 200pts on?

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    First, you should really put the bosspole with the nobz, rather than the warboss. The point cost is the same, and that way if your opponent kills the warboss, the unit will still have a bosspole. There isn't any advantage to keeping it with the boss, and it can only hurt you.

    Second, I'm not sure where wazzdakka is going. Do you plan to keep him independent? This can work, but keep in mind that as soon as 5th edition rules come out, your opponent will be able to target him as normal. Also, with 24in range, it's likely he'll be the closest target to the unit he's attacking anyway, so they'll probably get to shoot him, or at least be able to move and shoot him on their turn. You can use him to run around and hunt the back armor of vehicles, but it's up to you. Personally, I'd attach him to one of the units of regular warbikes instead.

    Third, the list really needs anti-armor guns. Personally, I use rokkit buggies, fielded individually, but you might want a bit more than that. Tankbustas in a battlewagon work well, but I usually field at least 9-10, in a cheap battlewagon. This runs around 235-250 points. You can shave a single nob biker off the unit of nobz and have points for it. Still, 6 can work too, if that's what you want. I wouldn't use a looted wagon though, they die way too easily.

    I think you have enough bikes. What you really need is something to take down armor. I also don't think deffkoptas will help the list much, as you already have a lot of anti-infantry units. If you do use them, I'm not a fan of the big bombs. They aren't powerful at all and deviate too far to be really effective, especially not when they cost that much.

    I've seen lists like this work very well, so I'd definitely go with it. I'd just add a little something to help with armor.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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