Commander Thorn
-Plasma Rifle
-Missile Pod
-Targeting Array
-Hard-wired Multi-Tracker

Sub-commander Bane
-Fusion Blaster
-Plasma Rifle
-Targeting Array
-Hard-wired Multi-Tracker

Shadow Group Epsilon and, Upsilon (2 units)
5 XV15’s

Fire Groups Alpha, Beta and, Theta (3 units)
6 Fire Warriors
-Marker Light
-Target Lock

Fast Attack
Drone Groups Phi and, Psi (2 units)
5 Gun Drones

Heavy Support
Sky Ray Missile Defense Gunship
-Burst Cannons
-Targeting Array
-Decoy Launchers

Groups Omega, Sigma and, Gamma (1 unit, 3 cool names)
Sniper Drone Team

Death Group Delta
3 XV88’s
-3 Advanced Suppo
rt Systems

Ok, This is just one point shy of 1,500 so its legal in tournies, points wise. I'm gonna use the drones as walls for my IC suits or a possible deep strike/hitting back armor of that darned tank. Then, of course, shoot the crap out of anyone that dares to face the wrath of Tau and the Greater Good! Well... after I blind them all with my laser pointers of doom! 5/8ths of which hit on 3's! Whooo!

The only problem I think I will have is anti-TEQ so any help would be thankful.