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    1500 Orks first draft

    Hey all, my friend is looking at starting up some Orks, and he has written up a 1500 list. He's looking to me for guidance, but he has more experience than me with the new Codex (he nabbed it from me more or less as soon as I got it!). Anyway, please take a look and see what you think:


    Slugga, Power Klaw, Warbike, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, 2 Ammo Runts

    Big Mek-95
    Shokk Attack Gun


    6 Nobs, Bikers, 1 Painboy, Grot Orderly, 5 Big Choppas, 5 Cybork Bodies, Waagh Banner
    (This unit seems kind of screwy to me. It may be illegal or the points may not be right.)

    12 Boyz, 'Ard Boyz, Rokkit Launcha, 1 Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole
    Trukk, Reinforced Ram, Grot Riggers, Wreckin' Ball

    20 Boyz, 2 Rokkits

    10 Boyz, Shootas, Rokkit

    12 Grots, 1 Runtherd

    Fast Attack-400

    Storm Boyz-200
    15 Boyz, 1 Nob, Big Choppa, 'Eavy Armor

    Storm Boyz-200
    15 Boyz, 1 Nob, 'Eavy Armor, Bosspole


    He has 4 points left over, and again, I don't know whats really going on here. Sorry for the uninformed post and thanks for your help!

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    Okay ...
    Ammo runts do nothing on the Warboss ... lose them.
    Big mek is fine
    6 Nobs Bikers are legal and rock hard ... nice setup
    12 Boyz, 'Ard Boyz - a lot of points for that squad but they just might work ...
    Trukk - wrecking balls are scary. If he gets it close to anything it will be fun
    20 Boyz, 2 Rokkits

    10 Boyz, Shootas, Rokkit

    12 Grots, 1 Runtherd
    This is a big problem. You need a Bosspole Nob in the large shoota mob. Make it bigger by five ... you have the points if ...
    The other two mobs are just not large enough or strong enough to do anything ... drop 'em both.

    Storm Boyz Nob, Big Choppa, 'Eavy Armor - good but a PK is better and both mobs should have them. Dropping the grots giove you the points.

    With any extra points get % Kommandos w/ 2 rokkits or some lootas.

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    Bebe's advice is all solid. I second everything he's saying.

    The only thing I'd add is that the list desperately needs powerklaws. Big choppas will only break your heart. The difference between strength 5 and 7 in close combat is actually quite marginal. The most important factor in close combat is actually the ability to deny your opponents an armor save, and cause instant death.

    Powerklaws do both, and although they may seem slow and expensive, I would have lost half the matches I recently won if it weren't for powerklaws. I'd even go as far to say a single powerklaw in a unit easily doubles its effectiveness. Big choppas are only useful against opponents with 5+ armor save (since they don't make the roll that often), and you know what? Orks are good against those opponents anyway. It's those marines and monstrous creatures which give them so much trouble.

    You'd be surprised how many 2+ armor saves you'll face on the battlefield. Against these terminators/monstrous creatures/etc, 6 wounds from a big choppa will result in 5 passed armor saves, on average. 6 wounds from a powerklaw will result in 0 passed armor saves, all the time (unless they have an invulnerable save, but they have to pay for that, and they'll only pass 2, instead of 5).

    Powerklaws are literally the difference between victory and defeat, in most ork armies.

    Give every unit of boyz a powerklaw.

    Give the nob unit 2 powerklaws and consider dropping the big choppas (any more than 2 powerklaws would be excessive).

    Give both units of storm boyz powerklaws, and bosspoles. Also, drop the 'eavy armor. You usually won't get to use it until the nob is the only model left, and by then it's too late.

    How will you pay for all this? Downgrade the 'ard boyz to regular boyz. It isn't bad, but really expensive, and powerklaws will perform ten times better.

    Don't have any extra powerklaws? What a coincidence, neither do I. Truth be told, the only actual 'legitimate' powerklaws in my army are the ones on Ghazghkull Thraka and Mad Doc Grotznik, and that's because they're literally a part of the metal model. I converted every other powerklaw in the army out of spare parts. Weapons, wrenches, vehicle hooks, and even pieces of sprues can all become powerklaws, with only a small amount of modeling.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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