500 Point for 1st round tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    500 Point for 1st round tourney

    Hey guys, the first round (500pts ) of a tournament that I joined starts next Sunday. My first opponent leads Tau and this is the list that I'm taking.

    Eldritch Storm
    Spirit Stones

    5 Dire Avengers + Exarch
    Dual Avenger Shuri Catas

    5 Pathfinders

    6 Howling Banshees + Exarch
    War Shout


    My opponent has 2 units of fire warriors a broadside and a crisis suit if I'm not mistaken

    I'm dooming the crisis suit who my banshees will inititially strike for, eldritch storm is to add some protection from shooting while I set my banshees into striking position

    The avengers will take on fire warriors weakened by eldritch storm as well as provide more cover fire for my banshees as a swift advance into close combat to try and negate shooting is my general plan

    The pathfinders are going to target the broadside and apply pressure on my opponent creating a threat zone as my other troops advance

    I'm relying on my banshees to engage and destroy my opponents hq as well as clean up the remaining enemy units

    I would include more avengers but I only have 5 at the moment and I won't be able to get more in time for this tourney

    The point value for my army comes out to 455 I'd really appreciate feedback and advice thank you all!

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    Nice list,
    Im not sure about using eldritch storm (then again i dont normally field a farseer) with only s3 and no ap its not going to cause alot of damage. Mind War is always a fun way to take out a crisis suit or broadside.
    Pathfinders are a good choice, i find i draw alot of fire with them, my aponent knows when to be scared, just set the up and roll some 5s and 6s against the broadside
    cant think of much else really, war shout can be ditched if you need the points cause you shouldnt have any trouble with tau in cc,

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