I have a upcoming tourney at my local hobbyshop and there will be some fresh competition that didn't turn up to last one. I'm up against imperial guard which are going to be fairly specialised but not sure in what way, I'm also up aginst chaos, a space marine chapter that i've never heard of, I believe it is a very old chapter approved one, as well as normal ultramarines, possibly tau and another tyranid force.

I'm thinking that this list will do fairly well in the tourney as it is rather similar to my previous tourney list with a few changes here an there. I am however worried about the chapter approved space marines mainly because i don't know what to expect and my friends nidzilla. The nidzilla is from memory 6 monsters with assortments of devourers, barbed stranglers, venom cannons and scything talons. He will also have 2 squads of genestealers or possibly gaunts.

This list is built to be effect against most armies (i hope) so without further ado here is the list:

HQ- hive tyrant 196pts
wings, warpfield, TL devourers, enhanced senses, toxin sacs

HQ- warriors x3 120pts
extended carapace, enhanced senses, flesh hooks, toxin sacs, venom cannon, 2x devourers, scything talons.

Troops- Genestealersx8 168ptsx2
extended carapace, flesh hooks

Troops- genestealersx7 168pts
extended carapace, flesh hooks, scuttlers

Troops- Termagauntsx18 108pts

Troops- deathgauntsx16 160pts
toxin sacs

HS-carnifex 173pts x2
extended carapace, venom cannon, barbed strangler, enhanced senses

HS- Zonathrope 65pts
warp blast, synapse.

So that is the list. Tactics wise fex's will sit back and pound any tanks or dangerous units with bio enginered weapons of death. The gaunts will sit in the centre of field moving up field, hopefully terrain hopping. The zonathrope and warriors will keep them in line. Genestealers will go on either side of the board and flank the opponent, the 3rd squad (scuttlers) making a dash towards the weaker part of the army using scout move to get a good jump into cover and then making way up to assualt and tie up the army while the rest of army gets in. The tyrant will stay with the main body mostly but will be able to deal with threats that present themselves due to his manuverability and mass amounts of shots. It doesn't sound as good on paper but it does work usually. My main worry is the nidzilla as my entire win chance rides on the stealers getting CC with the MC's because otherwise i don't have anyway of killing them effectivly. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Advice or new tactics are also appreciated and any advice on how to deal with the nidzilla is also appreciated.8Y