750pts eldar tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    750pts eldar tourney

    i made a post a while back with an army and have thought alot about it..... eventually came up with this list - HQ
    Farseer – 80pts
    With doom and singing spear

    10 dire avengers – 152pts
    Exarch with twin shuricats and Blade storm power
    5 dire avengers - 92pts
    Exarch with twin shuricats and Blade storm power

    10 striking scorpions – 187pts
    Exarch with scorpions claw
    6 howling banshees – 101pts
    Exarch with warshout power
    Mounted in Falcon

    Heavy support
    Falcon – 120pts
    With pulse laser and shuricannon

    Total – 747pts

    The scorps will be the main focus of my force with the farseer assisting them or the avengers (also the banshees when the enter the fray) with doom. The falcon will be the only anti tank in the army and its load of banshees will drop off at the rear of armies focussing the fire away from the scorps and also serving as good counters for sms and the like.

    Any help or comments greatly appreciated, everything can be changed but the scorps.


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    ok general observation:

    you are trying to fit too much in, you need to spend some more points on some of your units to make them effective, I would drop one squad to achieve this

    Be carefull with the farseer, I know doom has range but you will get tempted to expose him to get into range

    DA, second squad needs making up to full size, to be honest, if you leave it as it is then equalise the numbers in the 2 squads (8 in one, in the other)

    Scorps need infiltrate

    Banshee exarch needs an executioner (if you bump in to something like a sentinel, this unit is dead) and ideally needs to be full sized

    falcon needs spirit stones and holo field, without them it will fall prey to the inevitable AT your opponent will field

    on the whole the easiest option is drop one or other of the elites, however I think I would prefer to drop the falcon, in which case the banshees are also at risk
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