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    1000 pts Biel-tan list

    Starting out a new army. Only the Farseer and his retinue and a box of Dire Avengers are purchased and painted, but this is the projected list. I am worried about the lack of AP and longe range- is the mobility enough to not have concerns? If not, what should I do?

    PS: The Exarch, I know, isnt very cost effective for the warp spiders, and Dire Swords are pretty ineffective compared to other choices. Exarchs for every squad are in for fluff reasons, Direswords also.

    1 Farseer (Ainvar) /w Fortune, Mind War
    Spirit Stones
    Runes of Witnessing
    Singing Spear
    138 pts

    3 Warlocks-75 pts

    9 Dire Avengers, 1 Exarch- (Liath)
    Bladestorm, Dire Sword/ w Shuriken Pistol
    157 pts pts

    9 Dire Avengers, 1 Exarch- (Edain)
    Bladestorm, Dire Sword/ w Shuriken Pistol
    157 pts

    5 Howling Banshees, 1 Exarch (Eilir)
    Mirrorswords, War Shout
    123 pts

    Wave Serpent- /w Twin-linked Brightlance- 150 pts
    Star Engines-

    5 Warp Spiders, 1 Exarch- (Elathan)
    Spinnaret rifle, Withdraw
    164 pts

    999 pts.

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    Ok, not a bad start in my opinion.
    Farseer: not 100% sold on fortune, I believe that doom may be better choice - longer range and can benefit your entire army.
    Warlocks: ok. I personally wouldn't run them in a 1k list, but it's your call.
    Dire Avengers: Nothing wrong here, although you may consider swapping one of the direswords out for twin shuricats.
    Banshees: Ok. Numbers are a little low for me, but with this points limit there may not be much you can do. The exarch however needs a little tweaking. Warshout is, quite frankly, not that great and will only rarely work. Acrobatic is a much better power and can help increase the survivability of the squad. Also the mirror swords, in my opinion, should be replaced with an executioner. Sure it's less atacks, but you now wound SM's on a 3+ instead of a 5+. As for the serpent, forget star engines, vectored engines are what you need on a transport for your only cc unit.
    Spiders: If it was my list i'd drop these guys completely and replace them with a unit of hawks. Spiders are good, don't get me wrong, but they just can't do what the hawks can - or at least not for me. Hawks have haywire grenades meaning that they absolutlely destroy vehicles and can be quite a nasty surprise - and they have fleet as well. That and people oftne expect hawks to be useless and get quite a rude shock when they blow up their tanks and then proceed to grab objectives.
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    At 1k you should be ok but you need something to take out armor better. A single Land Raider will ruin your day. I see the TL BL on the Wave Serpent but I can't help but feel that you are a little AT deficient. You might help this out by finding points to give more of your warlocks singing spears or drop the warlocks for more Warp Spiders to take out medium armor.
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