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    1500 First Tau list

    This is my first serious attempt at making a tau list. I've played mostly tyranids and tried out DH (didnt like them).

    HQ- Tau Commander (better one) with 2x Body Guard-301
    Commander: Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Command and Control Node, HW-target lock and multi lock
    Body Guard: Both with Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Targetting Array, HW- target lock and multi lock

    Troops- 12 FW w/ DF-200
    Troops- 12 FW w/ DF-200
    Troops- 12 FW w/ DF-200

    Fast Attack- 4 PF w/ DF-128
    Fast Attack- 4 PF w/ DF-128

    Heavy Support- 2x Broadside battlsuits-185
    1 with Drone Controller and 2x Shield drones
    1 with Target Lock
    Both with Multi lock

    Heavy Support- Sky ray gunship-145

    The Commander squad is my anti-Terminator/Heavy troops/MC's
    Troops are fast moving fire squads that fly up and rapidfire at times when it seems necesary.
    PF help the other units and provide counters for the Sky ray.
    Broadsides are anti tank
    Sky ray... i wasnt really sure yet, but it seemed good.
    Any help wanted Thanks

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