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    Starting Tau 1000pt

    I'm looking for a critique of this army as a decent list for casual games, as basically I dont want to blow a load of cash on something thats crap on the table. Here goes...


    Shas'el, PR, MP, TA, HWMT 97pts

    He either JSJs if theres plenty of cover or uses the drones as an IC bodyguard if not.


    2 XV8s, PRs, MPs, MTs 124pts

    Basic Fireknife team do as they do best.

    6 Stealth Suits 180pts

    Targets Infantry etc...


    12 Fire Warriors, Shas;ui, BK, Devilfish, DL 220pts

    Basic FoF for anti Infantry nastiness.

    10 Kroot, 6 Kroot Hounds 106pts

    Either they Pillbox if there are some decent woods or they counter charge.

    Fast Attack

    6 Gun Drones 72pts

    They either act as a bodyguard for the Commander or they harass infantry.

    Heavy Support

    2 XV88s, ASS, TL, HWTL, HWDC, 2 Shield Drones 200pts

    Anti-Tank these guys are self explanatory.

    Any comments appreciated, I dont own much of the army so plenty of things can be changed if deemed necessary, Thanks for reading.

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    I actually really like your list, the only changes i would make would be dropping the bonding knife on the FW. I think your broadsides are going to be vulnerable being basically the only slow unit in your army (kroots infiltrate so they don't count as slow) and risk getting isolated,but since you really need the anti-tank i don't see what you could do,maybe replace them with piranhas or DS sunforge or helios suits?
    -A tau, dark eldar and slaanesh csm player
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    -And always on LO chat..

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