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    1200pts anti MEQ

    Afternoon all,

    I have a game coming up against 1200pts (ish) of Dark Angels SM's. The intel i have on the army suggests that i am likely to face 2 Tac squads w/ML's 1 Dev squad, 1 Vet squad, 1 Aslt (5 man) squad and a 5 man DW terminator squad. HQ i can be 100% on being Chapter Master. So my first draft looks like this:-

    HQ Farseer w/ Guide

    Troops Dire Avengers x 8 w/Exarch PW & Shimmer shield, bladestorm

    Troops Pathfinders x 5

    Elite Fire Dragons x 6 w/Exarch Fire pike, Crack shot.

    Elite Wraithguard x 6 w/Warlock w/Conceal

    Heavy War Walkers x 2 w Scatter laser & Star cannon each

    Heavy Wraithlord w/ BL and Sword

    I've never used Wraithguard before but hope they will be useful against the terminators. I've also never used pathfinders before and fear them being cut down by the assault marines, tempted to swap them out for a guardian squad with scatter laser. I've been very lucky with my war walkers and want to keep them in. My fire dragons killed Abaddon last game so i'm in love with them at the moment.

    All thoughts, comments, queries welcome.



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    HQ: OK, Doom instead may be better against marine toughness. Spear if you have any points to use up at the end

    Avengers: OK Nice to max out the unit if you can

    Pathfinders: Ditch them as they wont kill things fast enough. More avengers would be better.

    Fire dragons: Never take the exarchs as they are an expensive luxury that add little. Footslogging frie dragons will never achieve anyting. They are just too good for your opponent to ignore so they get shot. Either get a cheap transport, put them in a falcon or swap them for infiltrating scorpions.

    Wraithguard are very expensive and witout a transport will only ever get one shot per game as the enemy with then lock them in combat just to stop them shooting again. A vast waste of points for one turn of shooting. They can survive in combat but they don't excel.

    Walkers: get 3 with scatter lasers. If you are going to use guide for them have them in one unit, otherwise split them.

    Wraithlord: BL and EML would be better. They are a bit slow to guarantee they see combat in each game.
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