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    4100pt Apocalypse

    Hi all,

    this is my 1st time playing eldar (though i have wanted to for AAAGGGGEEESS- such gorgeous models) & am using a friends models

    I'm playing a 4100 pt apocalypse game against a very tough Necron army i was lucky to beat with my guard/Inquisition army.

    my list in no particular order,
    is as follows:

    Autarch w/ jetbike, laser lance, mandiblasters & reaper launcher

    20x Rangers w/ pathfinding

    5x Dark Reapers w/ exarch (w/ Tempest Launcher & Crack/Fast Shot)

    10x Harlies w/ Seer & TroupeMaster all w/ Kisses

    Eldrad as his awesome self

    5x warlocks w/ embolden/enhance

    4x 3-man jetbike squads w/ 1 cannon per squad

    3x 1-Vyper squads w/ missile launcher

    4x Shining Spears w/ exarch (w/ sh. cannon, star lance & withdraw)

    5x WraithGuard w/ warlock (w/ conceal, singing spear) & Wave Serpent (w/ shru. cannon Star cannon & all vehicle Upg.)

    1x Farseer w/ Runes of Wit., S. Spear, All Psychic Powers & Sp. Stones

    1x Wraithlord w/ Sword & starcannon

    1x falcon w/ all upg. Shru. Cannon & Mis Launcher (or Scatter Laser)

    1x Fire Prism w/ shru. cannon & all upg

    4x Warwalkers w/ 3xScatter Lasers & 1x Miss. Launcher. 4x Spirit Stones


    *acting as Wind Rider Host

    His 'Cron list is pretty much

    60 warriors, 3x monolith (in phalanx), nightbringer, big swarms of scarabs, lots of destroyers, H-destroyers & a Lord w/ scythe, veil & orb

    so i think i've got my work cut out for me, but i was planning on having a stable static fire base of rangers/reapers with everything else flying around, slowing down & splitting up his main force which he tends to completely deep strike onto the board (thus choosing 1 minute set up time, making it difficult ((especially with my guard!!)) to be organised) & bring through his portals.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i am feeling like i might not cut it with my 1st Eldar game (though i still look forward to it all the same)

    Even Monkeys can pull a trigger & shoot you where it hurts...

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    Not sure if you have the models, but I'd get more fire prisms. They'll hit hard enough to take out his monoliths, and you can combine two of them to get a pie plate of dead necrons.
    One pencil stab isn't dangerous, 20 000 pencil stabs are. Although the one pencil that hits you in the eye...

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