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    An attempt as a balanced, non-conformist 1750 list

    So I was toying around with a little bit of math because I like to run warriors (not that running warriors is the most efficient use of points) and wanted to see what kind of army I could build that can be semi-effective, balanced, and most importantly FUN.

    I toyed around with a few different list ideas and I am thinkimg about sticking with this one:

    HQ Flyrant (TL-Dev x 2, ES, TS, Wings, Implant Attacks, Warp Field)

    ELITE 1 Lictor x 2
    ELITE 2 Warrior x 6 (Dev x 6, ES, EC, AG (I), Rending Claws x 6)
    ELITE 3 Warrior x 4 (Deathspitter x 3, Scything Talons x 3, VC, Rending Claws, ES, EC, TS, AG (I), AG (WS))

    TROOP 1 Genestealer x 6
    TROOP 2 Teramgaunts x 8
    TROOP 3 Termagaunts x 8
    TROOP 4 Termagaunts x 8
    TROOP 5 Termagaunts x 8

    FAST Winged Warriors x 3 (Fleshborer x 3, Rending Claws x 3, AG (I), ES, Wings, TS, FH)

    HEAVY 1 Zoanthrope x 3 (Warp Blast, Synapse)
    HEAVY 2 Carnifex (Scything Talons x 1, TL-Dev x 1, ES, AG (I), Mace Tail, EC, Implant Attack, Reinforced Chitin, Spine Banks, Tusked)
    HEAVY 3 Carnifex (Scything Talons x 1, TL-Dev x 1, ES, AG (I), Mace Tail, EC, Implant Attack, Reinforced Chitin, Spine Banks, Tusked)

    I am pretty sure that I will hear the following comments about my list, so I am going to try and address them now:
    1. I know people think warriors are garbage and point sinks. I have used them and have had a lot of success. My goal is to always run AT LEAST nine warriors in a list. This particular list runs thirteen.
    2. I know that there are going to be some comments about not mixing shooting and close combat builds. I do agree that picking one or the other is the MOST efficient way to use them. I like the idea of a shooting army, but I just don't like the way it plays. I still want to be able to advance and get "stuck in" if the opportunity presents itself. that way, no matter where I am, I should be able to always do something.
    3. I chose to purposely not put toxin sacs on my Devourer Warrior squad because I want to make the opponent roll dice. I get re-rolls ro wound, so I feel okay with the weaker strength. Plus, I put rending claws on them so I do not worry about the hitting aspect on 3's instead of 4's because I am looking for 6's with this bad boys. I wanted to keep them shooty and still be a threat in close combat. That is why the cheap devourers that shoot a boatload of shots and the rending claws on an I5 model. Seems pretty balance and lots cheaper then I had been running them before. Plus the devourers will help should I run up against a horde style army as the will put out a LOT of shots.
    4. I understand that I have some expensive fexes. I used the cookie cut fex molds previously (Sniper Fex and Dakka Fex) and I did not have as much fun with them as I do when I build some gawdy monstrosity. Since I am usually advancing my army, my opponent will need to decide on whether or not to charge my fex or steer clear. With five attacks on the charge and doing two wounds per successful wound, I think people who play Daemon Princes and other multi-Wound models will think twice about rushing me head on.
    5. I am trying to use Lictors more, even though there are many posts that I have read that say that they are crap. I realize they cannot handle a tac squad solo, but they make for great strategic assets. (Last game I double charged a Defiler with a Lictor that popped out of the woods and a fex. My opponent needed to decide which one of them to hit. Popping out of cover can sure be helpful.
    6. Small termagaunt squads are meant to be strictly a nuisance and easily overlooked units in alpha missions.
    Well, with all that being said, I would love to get some feedback on this list. I will try and get a few play tests in and let you know how it goes.

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    Sounds cool, I like your reasoning on the units as well. I don't use lictors very much, I have had sucess with them but not enough to justify 80 points a model. I used to run 9 warriors with wings in my army but decided to get genestealers instead. The cost and effect were not adding up to make them useful. But then again mine were cc and had no shooting, yours look fit to handle some interesting situations, bravo.

    The Carnifexes are fun. I also used to run heavy carnies and had A LOT OF FUN with them. Nothing beats a tooled up fex charing squad after squad and eating C'tan for breakfast. Ah the memories. I recently switched to more cookie cutter Fexes for tournament play in order to counter what I was seeing in other peoples lists. Its not as much fun but it sure lets me win more. Then again, winning is fun...

    To close, I like it for casual play, but I would rather use standard Fexes and genestealers in a tournament environment.
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