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    1000 pts of orks -need lots of help please!

    Okay here's the low down. There is someone i know who thinks that they know everything about anything and i want to thrash him till he cries like a baby with his tau crumbling in his hands.

    One major problem is im a noob so any help would be nice.

    1) speed freaks look good but are they effective? (not sure if i can take the chance with them)
    2) has my army got enough boys?
    3) Have i got enough fast attack
    4) Is a mix of speed and foot best?

    so here goes

    attack squig
    cyborg body = 150 pts

    20x ork boys
    x2 rokkits
    nob + pk = 180 pts

    20x ork boys
    x2 rokkits
    nob + pk =180 pts

    10x lootas =150 pts

    5 bikes
    nob + pk =160 pts

    5 bikes
    nob + pk =160 pts

    total = 980 pts

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    511 (x8)

    Not bad

    You're gypping yourself out of 5 points. The warboss on bike w/pk, cybork and attack squig is 145 points, by my count.

    The army looks like a good start. The only trouble you're going to have is getting the 20 ork units within range before being shot to pieces, but flanking the enemy with the bikes will help.

    I never run warbike units in anything less than 6 bikes per unit, and that includes the nob. It won't be a problem for the unit you attach the warboss to, but the other unit is going to be somewhat lacking. Also, both units of bikes need a bosspole, or else they'll be running off the table fairly quickly.

    You might want to consider fielding one a single unit of 8 warbikes with nob, pk and bosspole for 240 points, and attach the warboss to it. This will free up 85 points, which is enough to do one of four things, any of which would help the list considerably:

    1. Increase the units of boyz to 27 each, to keep them from dying before they reach the enemy.

    2. Add 2 rokkit buggies, each individually in one buggy per unit, in both of the open fast attack slots. Run them up and use them to go for the back/side armor of your opponent's vehicles and walkers. Don't give them any upgrade, except perhaps wartrakks.

    3. Increase the team of Lootas to 15. Full units of lootas are incredibly effective, especially when kept in/behind cover.

    4. A mixture of the above three. More boyz, rokkit buggies and/or lootas is never a bad thing.
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