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Thread: 1850 test list

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    1850 test list

    I am starting to collect a Nid army, something very basic, mostly the contents of 2 battle forces, and thought I would put up my list for critique. As this is based on the 2 battle forces mainly, and I already have them, model count wont be changing too much, so I am more looking for suggestions for how to change builds on the units and things like that.

    As a note, this list is designed to be a marine killer, while still maintaining the ballanced composition, with shooty big bugs.

    Hive Tyrant -268pts
    -TL Devourer, Venom Cannon
    --ES, EC, TS, Flesh hooks
    ---2 Tyrant Guard 1/ ST, 1 w/ Whip

    1 Lictor -80pts

    4 Warriors -160pts
    -ST, RC
    --Leaping, AG(I), Flesh Hooks, EC

    3 Warriors -124pts
    -RC, 2 Deathspitter, 1 VC
    --ES, EC, TS

    8 Genestealers -168pts
    -EC, Feeder tendrils

    8 Genestealers -168pts
    -EC, Feeder tendrils

    16 Hormagaunts -176pts

    8 spine gaunts -40 pts

    8 spine gaunts -40pts

    8 Ripper Swarms - 80 pts

    Fast Attack
    5 Raveners -200 pts

    Heavy Support
    Sniper Fex - 188pts
    -VC, BS
    --ES, EC, RC

    Dakka Fex -158pts
    -2 TL Devourers
    --ES, EC, RC, Spinebank

    Pretty generic list, and strategy, run the hormagaunts and raveners in first, followed by the genes, then have the spinegaunts and rippers distract the enemy while the fexes and tyrant do their dirty work.

    Only thing I am not sold on is the raveners. They are the 1 unit I don't yet own, and they are costly, in terms of money, and I am wondering if more gaunts wouldn't suit my army better?

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