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    waaaaggghhh 2000pt ork kult of speed

    well this is my planned ork army id like sugestiosn and any advice you guys can give me.

    with eavyarmour, cybork body, powerclaw, bosspole.

    big mek
    with KFF, eavy armour.

    10 komandos
    with snikrot, 2 rokits.

    6 nobs with eavyarmour, cybork bodys
    3 nobs with eavyarmour, cybork bodys, powerclaws
    1 painboy
    with waaaggghh banner
    with battle wagon with 1 big shoota

    9 tankbusters with nob with bospole and 2 tank hammers

    ard boys
    12 ard boys
    with ard boys nob with powerclaw and bosspole
    with big shoota
    with trukk

    truk boys
    12 boys
    with nob with power claw and bosspole
    with big shoota
    with trukk

    truk boys
    12 boys
    with nob with power claw and bosspole
    with big shoota
    with trukk

    dethdread with 2 big shootas
    85 pts

    30 grots with 3 runtherds

    fast attack
    dethcopta 1
    dethcopta with rokkit lancher

    dethcopta 2
    dethcopta with rokkit launcher

    heavy support
    rokit wagon
    looted vehicle with rokit launcher

    kan 1
    kan with rokit launcher

    kan 2
    kan with rokkt launcher

    total 1999pts

    the plan
    dethcopts hunt tanks and use scout move to position themselves

    tankbustas in looted vehicle, nobs and warboss in battle wagon and trukk boys race up into enemy.

    mek, grots dred and kans move up prtected by KFF and firing off shots into the enemy

    snikrot appears and takes down remaining armour/Big nasties. then procedes to attack most feasible target.

    well thats about it. any questions querys coments please fel free to reply.

    I love Pathfinders.

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    LO Zealot mynameisgrax's Avatar
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    A good start

    It's a good start, but it needs a little work. Here are the problems:

    1. There isn't nearly enough anti-armor in this list for a 2000 point army. Overall, the list looks more like a 1500 or 1750 list, rather than 2000. At 2000 you'll face a LOT of armor, and I only see three units that can deal with armor, and none of them are good against armor 14. To be competitive at 2000 points, you'll either need a LOT more rokkits, a few more trukks full of boyz, nob bikers with powerklaws, or Lootas (for light vehicles and tough troops).

    2. Never put a bosspole on an independent character. If he dies, than the rest of the unit will lose it. Always give the bosspole to the nob of the unit you're attaching the warboss to.

    3. If you're using Snikkrot, than don't give the kommandos rokkits. They need burnas, so Snikkrot will have power attacks to go along with his own vicious attacks. If you want the rokkits, than dump Snikkrot, give them a nob w/powerklaw and bosspole instead, and just infiltrate them. Any mixture of the two strategies will just come out mediocre, and won't earn you back their points. Also, I'm pretty sure the unit costs 10 more points than the cost you've listed.

    4. The nob unit is an enormous point sink. For the same points, you could field 8 biker nobz w/2 pk, bosspole, wauughh banner, painboy, cybork and give the attached warboss a bike. That would do a lot more for you than the normal nobz every could. The main appeal of the more basic nobz is that they're cheap, but that's been negated by the 'eavy armor and battlewagon. I'd field 8-10 nobz w/2 powerklaws, painboy, cybork, wauughh banner, bosspole and trukk w/ram for 340-390 points. That saves 125-175 points to spend elsewhere. The trukk is a better troop delivery system anyway, and as long as you keep it out of line of sight, it should be alright, and even if it does get shot down, it won't be that detrimental, thanks to ramshackle.

    5. Instead of giving it to the nobz, I'd give that battlewagon to the tankbustas. The looted wagons die too easily, especially since tankbustas are such a popular target for enemy fire.

    6. What's the point of the KFF? Not enough units will benefit from it, and the ones that do cost almost nothing, in the grand scheme of things. Drop it. The Deff dread as a troop choice isn't a good enough reason to use one. I could see the Shokk Attack Gun being useful, but not the KFF.

    7. Ard boyz is too expensive of an option, in my opinion. It's a little more affordable when used with trukk boyz, rather than footsloggers, but it still nearly doubles the cost of the unit. Personally, I'd cut it out, and just use them as a normal trukk. On a side note, that unit should cost 4 points more. You forgot to pay for the nobz's armor. I'd also cut out all the big shootas from the units of trukk boyz. The whole point of trukks is you have to stay out of line of sight, or your opponent will shoot them to pieces. If your trukks can shoot at the enemy, then they can shoot you, which is very bad. You'll get the shots the round you assault, but one round of shooting doesn't justify their cost.

    8. Grotts don't last too long, even in large units. I'd cut the unit down to 17-19 grotts (so you don't have to pay for the extra runtherd), and even cutting a single grott would allow you to cut a runtherd, saving you 13 points. If nothing else, use two units of 15 rather than one unit of 30. All things considered though, you're better off cutting the grotts out altogether and just using another trukk instead.

    The Dread, Dethkoptas and Kans look good. Don't touch them.

    Overall, this list feels stretched to meet 2000 points, which is fine if you're playing 2000 points and this is all you have, but it has too much filler and not enough anti-armor. Don't get me wrong, this is a great start for a list, and I actually took second at a tournament recently with a list a lot like this.

    This is how I'd set up your army, as a 1500 point list:

    Warboss w/powerklaw, cybork, eavy (100)

    9 Tankbustas w/nob, bosspole, 1 tankhammer (150)

    9 kommandos w/nob, bosspole, powerklaw, 2 rokkits (150)

    10 Nobz w/3 powerklaws, painboy, cybork, wauughh banner, bosspole, trukk w/ram (415)

    12 slugga boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole, trukk, ram (152)

    12 slugga boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole, trukk, ram (152)

    Deffkopta w/rokkit (45)

    Deffkopta w/rokkit (45)

    Battlewagon w/rokkit, grot riggers (105) [tankbustas go in here]

    Deff Dread w/2 big shoota (85)

    2 Killa Kans w/rokkits (100)

    Of course, if you have it, dropping the kommandos in favor of another trukk full of boyz might also be a good idea. If you want to go up to a 2000 point list, I'd invest in either some nob bikers, or 2-3 more trukks of boyz.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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