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    750 orks- first try- friendly

    Ork 750 point army list:

    Mad Dok Grotsnik: power claw, slugga, eavy armour, cybork body, bionic bonce, bionic arm, doks tools
    96 pts

    Slugga Boyz (24): slugga, choppa
    Nob: power claw, slugga
    252 pts

    Trukk boyz (10) : slugga, choppa
    Wartrukk: armour plates, red paint job, grot riggers, rokkit launcha
    135 pts

    warbuggie: twin linked big shoota, grot riggers, armour plates
    52 pts

    Looted basilisk: armour plates
    110 pts

    Killer Kans (2): rokkit launcha, grot riggers, armour plates
    104 pts

    Total: 749 pts

    tips comments suggestions??

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    You're using the older codex. The point values have changed, and a lot of the units have as well.

    Mad Doc Grotznik now costs 160 points, and his equipment cannot be be altered. I'm not sure what bionic bonce and bionic arm are supposed to be, but they aren't in the new codex. The Mad Doc costs a lot of points for a 750 list, but who knows, it might work.

    Instead, run the same model as a warboss with a powerklaw, eavy armor, and cybork body for 100 points.

    Those slugga boyz really need either two big shootas or two rokkits in the group in order to be effective. As it is, that unit only costs 185 points. Regular slugga/shoota boyz got cheaper.

    Trukk boyz are troop choices now. By my count, the trukk boyz should only cost 120 points, but the unit is really lopsided. Put 2 more boyz in there to bring their number to 12 (never use any less than that in a trukk, unless you're attaching a warboss, and in that case have 11 in there), and upgrade one of the boyz to a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole. After that, drop every upgrade off the trukk. Armor plates and grott riggers aren't going to save them and frankly, nothing will. The only way to keep a trukk alive is to keep them out of sight until you're ready to assault. A ram isn't bad though, as it allows them to go through terrain safely. Red paint isn't worth the points, in my opinion.

    The same goes for the warbuggy. Run them without any upgrades.

    There are no looted baslisks anymore. The closest you can have is a looted wagon with an 'ard case (so they aren't open topped) and a boomgun (36in, STR 8, AP 3 ordnance). It doesn't fire indirectly though, and its armor is 11/11/10. You could give it a lobba instead, which is a guess weapon, but that's only small blast template, STR 5 AP 5. For indirect fire, you'd be better off running a big gunz unit w/3 lobbas for 75 points.

    The killa kans are slightly cheaper, and should be run individually, in groups of 1 kan each, whenever possible. Otherwise, they're much easier to trap or kill. Again, armor plates aren't worth their cost on a unit that easy to kill, but grott riggers can be, if you've got the points to spare.

    All in all, you'll have to pick up the new codex, but here's your list (basically) with the new point values:

    Mad Doc (160)

    22 boyz w/2 big shootas, nob, powerklaw, bosspole [23 models total, attach Doc] (182)

    12 boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole, trukk w/ram [11 models total, attach warboss] (152)

    Rokkit buggy (35)

    Looted wagon w/boomgun, big shoota 'ard case (120)

    Killa Kan w/rokkit (50)

    Killa Kan w/rokkit (50)

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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