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    1500pt Orks, Fluffy & Competetive

    Here it is:

    Old Zogwort - I simply can not play without him. In three games I've used him in, he's turned the enemy Commander into a Squig. It is my humble opinion that he is the most awesome Psyker in the history of Warhammer 40K for his ability to turn anyone into a Squig, including a Grey Knight Grand Master. And when there are no Independant Characters within 18" (ie, after I've Squiggified them), his Warphead ability lets him re-roll on the Warp Power chart so I have a good chance of finding SOMEthing useful for him to do.

    Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field, Kustom Mega Blasta, 'Eavy Armour, Burna - This is the standard for protecting Boyz Mobs as they footslog over open ground. I had some extra points leftover so I threw him a KMB for popping tanks as the Boyz move up into range, and a Burna so that he can charge into combat to help da Boyz out when they go up against power armour.

    12 Lootas - May be a small number, but IMO 12 is enough to wreck any light/medium vehicle in a single shooting phase as well as rain down hellfire on any hard targets that the Boyz are after. I'd be willing to increase this number, but I'm not sure how.

    Three Squads of 20 Shoota Boyz w/ two Rokkits, Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole each

    Three squads of 20 Slugga & Choppa boyz w/ two Rokkits, Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole each

    Half of the Boyz (60) are armed to the Teef with Shootas, to back up the other 60 Boyz who are runnin' in to slug stuff. I think it's a good combo as it allows me to support assaulters with shooters, and vice versa. Also, on the rare occasions I'll need to hold objectives, a Shoota squad is the better bet as they can shoot at the enemy as they approach. Naturally, Klaws gallor to deal with any untimely threats. With 120 Boyz in total I shouldn't have much of a problem getting them across the board, unless of course it's a board absolutely jack-full of difficult terrain (as a recent game was). Rokkits in every squad (for a total of 12) give a good boost to anti-vehicular/anti-MC capabilities.

    And that's it. Short and sweet. Boyz over Toyz and all of that good jazz. I've had three games with this list and it's done well -- I won 2 of them, and lost the 3rd because it was on a board jam-packed with difficult terrain -- I didn't have a single movement phase where every unit didn't have to roll for difficult terrain, resulting in me not getting into combat until turn 4. By then half my army was dead.

    As for improvements, I originally ran the list with 1 less Boyz mob and one more 12-Loota Mob. I found that my Lootas would quickly destroy anything they could on the board within one or two turns and spent the rest of the game shooting on enemy troops and other things, and I figured that I could just drop one Loota mob and add another Boyz mob. However I've not yet gone up against any really armour-heavy lists yet, so I want feedback on whether I should put the 12 Lootas back or keep it as-is, or any other suggestions...

    Thanks, and keep on Trukkin' in da free wurld!

    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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    I've flip-flopped on the issue of ideal footslogging mob size, but after a few games, I'm inclined to believe that having at least a few 30 boy mobz helps keep the mobz from being cut down from enemy fire. Instead of 6 x 20 boy mobz, how about 2 x 30 boy mobz (w/3 rokkits), and 3 x 20 boy mobz (w/2 rokkits)? This will give you a stronger front line, and the cost of the extra rokkits is offset by the points saved from the nob, powerklaw and bosspole of the removed unit.

    This also helps solve the main problem of the list: there's no safe place for Old Zogwort. Any unit he joins is going to be the main target for your opponent, and a 20 boy unit won't last long if your opponent is throwing everything they have at it. At the very least, you need to get one of the units up to 30 boyz, just to give him a place to hide.

    The Lootas look good, and I've had a lot of success with full 15 Loota squads. 2 teams of lootas might be excessive, but it's up to you. You definitely need some long range gunfire though, especially against light tanks.

    The main weakness of the list is that it doesn't have much long range anti-armor fire, but then again, orks generally don't. I really like using rokkit buggies, fielded alone in one buggy per unit. 3 individual buggies never fail to earn back their points, and they usually manage to destroy something big. They aren't required, but you will have trouble with those distant Leman Russes and Monoliths, as the list stands.

    Personally, I'd cut out one unit of 20 boyz (either type), and use the points to increase two of the units to 30 w/3 special weapons. Then, downgrade one of the 20 boy units rokkits down to big shootas (for the points), and raise the Lootas up to 15 in number.

    This leaves you:

    Old Zogwort


    30 slugga/shoota boyz w/3 rokkits, nob, powerklaw, bosspole

    30 slugga/shoota boyz w/3 rokkits, nob, powerklaw, bosspole

    20 slugga/shoota boyz w/2 rokkits, nob, powerklaw, bosspole

    20 slugga/shoota boyz w/2 rokkits, nob, powerklaw, bosspole

    20 slugga/shoota boyz w/2 big shootas, nob, powerklaw, bosspole

    15 Lootas

    That's a more balanced list, in my opinion. In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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