Hey guys, heres my eldar army that i use for friendly but competitive games usually against a mate who plays Tau. He has never won against me and i was wondering if it was too overpowered to be friendly or if he is just unlucky/bad, ive always thought it was well rounded. We usually play 1500 but its getting bumped to 2000 with the aditition of the banshees and wraithlord and some other tweaks.

Autarch: jetbike, mandiblasters, laser lance, fusion gun. (140)

10x Dire Avenger: exarch, 2x catapults, bladestorm. (152)
Wave Serpent: TL scatter lasers, spirit stones. (125)
5x Rangers: pathfinders (120)
9x Jetbikes: 3x shuricannons. (22

6x Fire Dragons. (96)
10x Howling Banshees: exarch, mirrorswords. (182)
Wave Serpent: TL bright lance, spirit stones. (145)

4x Shining Spears: exarch, withdraw.(177)
5x Warp Spiders: exarch, 2x death spinners, power blades, withdraw. (140)
2x Vypers: scatter lasers, spirit stones. (140)

1x Falcon: starcannon, spirit stones, holofields, vectored engines. (205)
1x Wraithlord: 2x flamers, bright lance, missile launcher. (150)

So let me know what you guys think, its kind of geared with 5th in mind. I'm wondering if i should swap the Banshees fo Scorpians and Vypers for War Walkers, and maybe swap some of the weapons on tanks with missile launchers as they can be both primary and secondary.