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    1500 Trukkin' Orks!

    So I've always been a fan of the 'GO FASTER' mentality, and the orks seem to be of the same thought process. So with that in mind, here's my 1500 point list with the intent of tournament use.

    Big Mek- 85
    -Kustom Force Field

    Lootas x15- 225

    Biker Nobz x6- 415
    -2 Power Klaw
    -Waaaagh! Banner

    Slugga Boyz x11- 127 x4
    -Power Claw
    -Boss Pole
    -Reinforced Ram

    Heavy Support
    Battle Wagon- 120
    -4 Big Shootas
    -Armor Plates

    Killer Kans x3- 150
    -3 Rokkit Launchas


    Well, overshot by three points. I'll need to find somewhere to fix that.

    I know this list is lacking in sheer numbers that a green tide usually brings, but with four trukks of slugga boyz barreling across the battle field into combat, supported by Lootas, Big Shootas, and Kan Rokkits.

    I figure the Lootas and Mek will ride around the back lines in the dakka wagon, laying down their covering fire while the Kans wander into some central terrain for cover saves and rokkit launching. I gave the dakka wagon Armor Plates for mobility's sake, but with the slight overage of points it looks like the only thing I can take off and not rend the list drastically. Maybe replace it with a Grot Rigger for the 50% to negate immobility, bringing me to 1498 points?

    The Biker Nobz I was going to hold back for a turn, making my other vehicles and kans a larger threat to draw more firepower, then jet in to assault and power klaw the heck out of things that need dealing with. I put them in one group of six rather than two groups of three for assault and mobbing purposes. One question, can they still assault after turbo boosting? A 30" jump into assault would be incredible.

    Despite being BS2 (BS3 for Rokkit Kans), I'm hoping the sheer volume of firepower coupled with four relentless, careening trukks and a squad of Biker Nobz will help me deal with other competitive lists (Nidzilla, Drop Pod Marines, etc).

    So! Thoughts, opinions?

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    A few things

    First and foremost, your squads of trukk boyz cost more points than that. By my count, they cost 146 points. I'm afraid I can't break down the point cost, as per board rules, but I assure you, they cost more than 127. Also, they should always have 12 boyz inside, unless someone is tagging along, or else they won't last long enough in close combat.

    Second, there's no point in having the big mek w/KFF in the battlewagon. Since he isn't on the board, the KFF field won't work. You can shoot out of a vehicle, and use some psychic powers, but special abilities that affect surrounding units only work when the model is outside the vehicle and on the board.

    I'd cut the big mek out entirely, since very few units in the list would benefit from him, and instead field one of the bikers as a warboss on a bike. That will give the unit a lot more power.

    You either did the points for the nobz wrong, or you didn't include the painboy in the count of 6 nobz (please make it clear how many models are in each unit). The nob bikers need cybork bodies, or they won't be very useful in close combat. Power weapons and monstrous creatures (which both deny them both their armor save and feel-no-pain roll) will tear them apart in close combat otherwise. You could probably stand to add one more nob, if you have the model.

    For the points you'll need for these changes, you need to either cut out the Killa Kans or the battlewagon. I'd cut out the kans, and run this more as a speed freaks list.

    If you don't want to cut out the kans, then I'd cut out the battlewagon. As long as you keep the Lootas in cover, they should do fine.

    No list can do everything, and ultimately, it's best if you specialize in some way. Either focus on walkers, footsloggers and the KFF, or focus on trukks, battlewagons and bikes. You don't have to cut one of these elements out completely, but you'll need to trim from somewhere. I'd keep the Lootas in either case though. They work great, especially in full units of 15, kept in cover.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    This list is fairly similar to one i have been running with great success (at the 1750 point level at least). I would advise you to drop the wagon, the lootas dont need it. They are perfectly happy sitting back in a nice fat piece of 4+ terrain with good LOS and plucking away with their great range. The KFF does nothing for you. Give him a shokk attack gun and then your cooking. Lastly, the kans are decent but do you really think 150 points are worth 3 rokkit shots? I would think running another squad in trukks would be more beneficial. And like the other guy said, the point cost for your boy units are way below what they should be. They should be 147-153 (depending if you were counting the nob as a separate figure or upgrade)

    Joe Peshi (lone wolf) kill tally:Lash Sorcerer, Ghazkull, Yriel, Termi Libby, Vulkan.

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